Sandra Brown Books: Kindle Discount for 5/23

Sandra Brown’s best selling book RICOCHET is on sale for only $1.99 on Kindle today! 

RICOCHET is a bone-chilling thriller featuring a detective, murder, and plenty of plot twists (as you’d expect from a Sandra Brown book). This novel is a must-read for mystery and thriller fans, escpecially at the discounted price. RICOCHET is only $1.99 on 5/23.

Buy RICOCHET on Kindle

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Find The Perfect Pet In This Discounted Book for Kindle and Nook – May 23

Calines are something like dogs, but genetically engineered to be so much more. They are the favored pet of the rich, and everyone wants one. Until one of them kills its owner. Was this an accident, a flaw in the pets’ design, or something more? THE CALINE CONSPIRACY is an exciting mystery that is action packed and will have you reading into the wee hours of the night.  

THE CALINE CONSPIRACY combines the hard-boiled PI of the Sue Grafton novels with a glimpse of science-gone-wrong of Michael Crichton’s books. If you are looking for a stirring and thought provoking mystery, then get THE CALINE CONSPIRACY! 

This cheap eBook is available for Kindle and Nook for $0.99 on May 23.

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M.H. Mead is the shared pen name of Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion. Friends and co-authors for over a decade, this duo writes with one unique voice that critics have called “science fiction fun on a stick.” The authors live in Michigan, where they teach, parent, and eat as much key lime pie as possible.

Find The Price of Redemption In This Discounted Kindle Book – May 23

Kendra Shaw returns home after serving in Iraq, only to discover that an old lover may have become a terrorist. Now she has to race against time to uncover the truth and stop a devastating attack. FALLEN ANGEL is a fast-paced thriller about love, loss and redemption. 

Fans of  Robert Ludlum, James Patterson,  and David Baldacci will enjoy FALLEN ANGEL.

This moving novel was inspired by the women soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan and the author’s thoughts on their struggles to pick up where they left off. Angelina Jolie would make an appealing Kendra Shaw. 

This cheap Kindle book is only $0.99 on May 23.


Auckland isn’t Baghdad. That’s what Kendra Shaw told herself as she sat in a café on Queen Street. Back pressed against the wall. Sipping on an ice-cold mocha. All around her, the lunchtime crowd was buzzing. The air smelled of sweat and perfume. And Kendra tried to relax. Tried to be normal. But so far, it wasn’t working. Outside, past the windows, cars were stopping at the intersection for the red light, gleaming under the summer sun. And… she just couldn’t help herself. Eyes darting, she scanned each individual vehicle. Studied their suspensions. Front and rear. Trying to decide if any of them are sinking under excessive weight. She calculated the odds, felt her muscles coiling up, her heart thudding in her ears and… No. Kendra twitched, catching herself before the adrenalin dump washed over her. Jaw pinched, face hot, she forced herself to breathe. In through the nose. One, two, three. Out through the mouth. One, two, three. Slowly, surely, her pulse slowed, and the tension melted away into a tingle. Hunching over the table, she ran her hand through her hair. Stared down at her drink. No, Auckland isn’t Baghdad, and you’re not going to find any car bombs here, no matter how hard you look.

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 I grew up as a Christian in a predominantly Muslim country. This has given me great insight into the inner workings of Islam and has allowed me to furnish my fiction with authentic details. I write in order to provide Western readers with a more intimate perspective on the War on Terror.

My favourite television show at the moment is Person of Interest. It features scintillating twists and intriguing characters. A truly unique and refreshing look at the modern state of espionage and terrorism today.

James Patterson Books – Women’s Murder Club on Sale for 5/22

The 3rd installment in James Patterson and Andrew Gross best selling series (Women’s Murder Club) is on sale for $2.84 today! This cheap Kindle book is only available at the bargain price on May 22, so grab it before the price goes up.

3RD DEGREE is a thriller featuring Detective Lindsay Boxer, one of James Patterson’s most adored heroines. Follow her action-filled story in this discounted book.

Buy James Patterson’s Book on Kindle

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Cheap Mystery and Thrillers – Best Selling Books for 5/22

The thriller 13 1/2 is $2.65 today – it’s a book from the New York Times best selling author of the Anna Pigeon novels (Nevada Barr). DUST ANGEL ($1.99) is a quirky and fun mystery for fans of oddball characters and mystery novels that aren’t as action-packed. WISH LIST ($2.65) is a John Locke mystery novel – if you’re a fan of his Donovan Creed series, don’t miss this deal.

These cheap Kindle books are bargain priced on 5/22.

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Grab Some Cheap Thrills From A Bestselling Author – May 22

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR – by the best-selling author of CONTACT – is the first in an exciting new thriller series, an action-packed conspiracy with a hero and heroine you hold your breath for, with the action of Robert Ludlum, the intensity of Brad Thor and international intrigue of Daniel Silva. You will be hooked from the get go!

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR was inspired by the author’s bestseller – CONTACT and the life of Terry Forrestal, a brother in arms, ex-British SAS. Who would play Thomas Gunn? Liam Neeson, of course!

This discounted Kindle book is available on May 22nd for $2.99.


Flying a helicopter requires a clear mind, concentration, balance and a delicate touch. Flying a helicopter you are unfamiliar with, in the dark, with two nasty bullet wounds in a body that has not slept in thirty hours, is an exercise in surreal survival. I had ten hours flight time in this model MD 902 Explorer, so it wasn’t total guesswork. I made sure Julie was strapped in tightly and flipped on the switches. There wouldn’t be enough time to sit and let the engines warm up completely. We needed to get airborne before the local police showed up. In the distance beyond the factory building, where the car exploded in the arroyo, a pall of smoke billowed into the moon lit night sky.

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 I’m fortunate to be the bestselling author of the book CONTACT, which was serialized in a British national newspaper and made into an award winning film by BBCTV. It launched my career and I have not looked back since. My life could be described as rather colorful – I’ve lived all over the world, served in the British army, had a near death experience, lost half my insides and recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of war. I’m also a proud father of four daughters, screenwriter, pilot, race car driver, love to sail, listen to opera, cook gourmet meals, drink wine, read good books, have heated discussions and travel off the beaten path. Writing mainly fiction these days, I favor politically charged thrillers, suspense and intrigue, humorous satire and books about the challenges of human relationships, all of which I think reveal my curiosity about the world and my strong belief in the overwhelming power of love, laughter and of the human spirit. Books include: Contact, Collisions, An Unquiet American, Dry Tortugas, The Book of Baker Series (Dreams from the Death Age; Armageddon; Genesis Revisited) and The Orange Moon Affair, the first of the new Thomas Gunn suspense series with more coming soon. 

Favorite Food: I love pasta of any kind,

Favorite Place to Write: I sit in a big armchair to write

Favorite Music: I listen to opera mostly – unless I crank up the rock music and let loose in between operatic arias.

Janet Evanovich: Books on Sale for Kindle | 5/21

The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich are novels that have been beloved by Bargain Booksy staff for years. They bring back memories of winter afternoons by the fire, giggling at Grandma Mazur’s antics over a cup of hot tea and a donut. The Stephanie Plum books always make you crave sweets. It’s a fact of life.

The first Kindle book in Janet Evanovich’s series, ONE FOR THE MONEY, is on sale for only $2.32 on May 21. If you’ve never read it (somehow), now’s your chance. Janet Evanovich’s books get the Bargain Booksy personal seal of approval.

Buy the Kindle Book for $2.32

Don’t have a Kindle?

Buy Janet Evanovich’s Books on Apple

Buy Janet Evanovich’s Books on Nook

Buy Janet Evanovich’s Books on Kobo

About the Stephanie Plum Books by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is honest-to-goodness a favorite author at Bargain Booksy HQ. The Stephanie Plum series is the perfect blend of comedy, mystery, and romance. Each book brings you hearty belly laughs courtesy of Lula and Grandma Mazur, swoon-worthy moments thanks to Ranger and Morelli, and plenty of action thanks to the multitude of bad guys that are after Stephanie.

Here’s the list of Janet Evanovich books in order: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, Four to Score, High Five, Hot Six, Seven Up, Hard Eight, To the Nines, Ten Big Ones, Eleven on Top, Twelve Sharp, Lean Mean Thirteen, Fearless Fourteen, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, Sizzling Sixteen, Smokin’ Seventeen, Explosive Eighteen, Notorious Nineteen.

See all of the Janet Evanovich books here.

Our favorites? Hard Eight and Ten Big Ones (that’s the one where we finally get to see the Bat Cave! If you don’t know what that means… read the books)

There’s a movie version of ONE FOR THE MONEY as well. Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it (but read the book first- it’s way better)

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Four Thrillers: Cheap Kindle Books for 5/20

Thriller lovers: these cheap Kindle books are on sale on May 20. All four are highly-rated and make for excellent reads at a great price.

BLACK FLAGGED ($1.99) is a political thriller and the beginning of a powerful series involving CIA investigations and FBI manhunts. DON’T BREATHE A WORD ($1.99) is Jennifer McMahon’s spine-tingling best seller – if you liked ROSEMARY’S BABY, you’ll love this one. RETURN OF THE ASSASSIN ($2.99) is from best selling author Russell Blake- as the title suggests, it’s a thriller that involves a mission of an assassin. BEYOND SUSPICION ($1.99) is a legal thriller featuring the protagonist from author James Grippando’s best seller THE PARDON. These deals are good on May 20.

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Mystery and Thriller Deals for Kindle- 5/19

Thriller readers – these cheap Kindle books are all bargain priced at $1.99 each on May 19.

THE SIXES is a thriller written by Kate White, the former Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. THE WURST IS YET TO COME is one of Mary Daheim’s best selling mystery novels, and SCORPION BETRAYAL is a spy thriller by Andrew Kaplan.

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Best Selling Thrillers: Cheap Kindle Books for 5/18

Thriller readers! If you love Dean Koontz and John Grisham, you’ll love THE ASPEN ACCOUNT by Bryan Devore, only $0.99 today. Stieg Larsson readers will find a lot to love in THE NIGHTMARE ($3.99), a Kindle book by Lars Kepler.

These cheap Kindle books are on sale on 5/18.

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Cheap Books: Thrillers and Mystery Novels From Kindle Best Selling Authors – 5/16

If you’re in need of some action, these bargain Kindle books should be right up your alley. Lisa Lutz’s mystery novel CURSE OF THE SPELLINGS ($2.99) is the followup to her best selling book THE SPELLMAN FILES. If you love Carl Hiaasen or Janet Evanovich, Lisa Lutz might just be your new favorite author. EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE ($1.99) and BLACK FLAGGED ($1.99) are for the Vince Flynn fans – they’re political thrillers full of action and adventure.

These deals are good on May 16.

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Get Some Thrills From This Cheap Kindle Book – May 16

In THE PSALTER, a murder and a 1,200 year old church relic set Father Michael Romano on a search for the truth—about his personal beliefs and his past. His quest to discover the reason for his friend’s death leads him to an ancient story of forgeries and an epic history of medieval war to control the church. Some would rule for their own ambition, and others for the sake of the people. Still, there are those who would commit any wickedness to ensure the secrets are never told.

Those who enjoyed n the Name of the Rose, The Blood Gospel, and The Da Vinci Code will enjoy THE PSALTER.  

This discounted Kindle book is only $0.99 on May 16.


Mike Romano slipped into the confessional. The screen behind the lattice grill slid open. “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“For the love of God, Romano, not again.”

“Will you hear my confession, Father?”


“What do you mean?”

“I mean you haven’t sinned. You didn’t sin yesterday or the day before, last week or last month, and you haven’t sinned today.”

“How do you know?

“I’m playing the odds.”

“I need absolution.”

“No, you don’t. You need some fun. Go have a beer, see a movie, take in a comedy show. Do some damn thing that’ll make you laugh.”

“It’s your job. You have to do it.”

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! I absolve you from your imaginary sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Get lost.”

“That’s not right. It’s not the whole thing.”

The priest slammed the sliding screen shut.

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History fascinates me, particularly reflecting on how historical events shape who we are. That has a major impact on my blog posts and stories, and it’s a fundamental theme in The Psalter. When I read a novel, I want to be entertained, of course, but I also want to learn something historically, philosophically or be provoked. Umberto Eco’s character opined in The Name of the Rose, “Books are not made to be believed, but to be subjected to inquiry. When we consider a book, we mustn’t ask ourselves what it says but what it means…” That’s what I ask when I finish a book; and when I write, I want it to mean something.

When I was a student in the French countryside, I tasted things I never imagined existed. Everyone has their preferred comfort foods. Mine happen to be a slice of pungent camembert or brie cheese and a nice Bordeaux. As a child of the sixties, I’m partial to Crosby, Stills and Nash, Aretha Franklin, Gram Parsons, Joan Baez, soul music, country rock, progressive bluegrass, folk, Eric Satie and Vivaldi. I love to dance; and salsa, swing, and rock make my toes tap.

I write in the mornings. Inspiration seems to gestate at night, because I generally wake up with a scene in my head that has to be written right away. The scene usually leads to others. With any luck, I have a few or several pages.

Today’s Discount Kindle Book Will Leave You Wanting More – May 16

Go back to post World War II America with BLACK FOREST. Arthur Murray, back from hunting Nazis in Europe, is now living as an insurance salesman in Manhattan. Then Arthur receives a late night phone call from his father. Soon Arthur is caught up in a web of sex, lies, murder, corruption, and international intrigue that threaten national security and the lives of those he holds dear. The hunter has become the hunted.

Fans of Ken Follett, Dennis LeHane, and John LeCarre will like BLACK FOREST.

Mr. Thayer was inspired to write BLACK FOREST from his experience as an insurance investigator in the sixties. He pictures John Hamm as Arthur Murray.

This discounted Kindle book is available for $2.99 on May 16th.


I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to be a writer. I am sure that there must have been. I think books make us all civilized. At least more civilized. My small contribution to the human experience is very gratifying and I am fortunate to be able to do it.

Favorite Food: Seafood risotto

Favorite Place to Write: I can write anywhere. 

Favorite Music: All kinds of blues. 

Favorite TV show: MI5

Get A Murder Mystery At A Killer Price – May 16

In ASSASSINATION OF A DIGNITARY, Raymond Hunter’s dark past in the Italian Mafia returns for one final favor. The Governor must die. But with law enforcement closing in, a dangerous power struggle escalating, and his family’s life on the line, time is running out. This gripping thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 

You will find ASSASSINATION OF A DIGNITARY to be a heart-stopping and action-packed story, with not a dull moment. Grab this book and begin the chase! 

This cheap Kindle book is available for $2.99 on May 16.

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Carolyn Arnold was born in 1976 in the rural town of Picton, Ontario.  Currently she lives with her husband of fifteen years and her two beagles in a city in Southwestern Ontario.

She has been an aspiring writer since her teen years when she began writing short romance novels.  But as life has a way of doing, it can mute your dreams into the background and it wasn’t until 2007 when she was reunited with her love of the written word.  Her drive to complete one novel, turned into several.

Clive Cussler and Chevy Stevens: Discounted Thrillers for Kindle

Clive Cussler and Chevy Stevens fans: get excited, because these authors both have thrillers on sale today.

Clive Cussler has SIXTEEN books that have landed themselves on the New York Times best seller charts. He’s a favorite among thriller readers, and his book SERPENT (an edge-of-your-seat action thriller) is on sale for $1.99 (80% off). Chevy Stevens writes psychological thrillers – his Kindle book NEVER KNOWING is only $3.79 – a 62% discount. These Kindle books are bargain priced on May 15.

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Get This Award Winning Novel For A Great Price – May 15

WHITE HEAT is a noir mystery-thriller inspired in part by and set against the backdrop of the 1992 “Rodney King” riots. P.I. Duke Rogers screws up a case.  When the Weasel, as Duke calls him, comes to him, Duke thinks it will be an easy-money assignment.  Find the Weasel’s old schoolmate, Teddie Matson.  And Duke does. A couple of days later Teddie Matson, beautiful, black co-star of a TV sitcom, is dead.  Her killer, who everyone thinks is a deranged fan, is nowhere in sight. Will Duke be able to find Weasel? 

Readers who love Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, James Ellroy or Raymond Chandler will enjoy WHITE HEAT.

This discounted Kindle book is only $0.99 on May 15. 


“Golden hour is the time when the light hits just right in the early morning or late afternoon. The time when movie cinematographers most like to shoot. The light is tawny and warm. Gentle. It makes the stars shine brighter.

     Golden hour is the time when Teddie Matson was killed.”

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Paul D. Marks is a former script doctor and the author of the Award-Winning noir-thriller WHITE HEAT, plus over thirty short stories, including several award winners.   WHITE HEAT has received favorable reviews from Publishers Weekly and the Midwest Book Review, among others.  It was chosen One of the Best Fiction Books of 2012 by Rosa St. Claire of  According to Steven Bingen, author of MGM: Hollywood’s Greatest Backlot, Paul also has the dubious distinction of having been the last person to shoot on the famed MGM backlot before it bit the dust to make way for housing.

Favorite Food: I love Mexican Food.  That’s why my character, Duke Rogers, is often found at El Coyote Mexican Café ordering a guacamole dinner with extra hot sauce. 

Favorite Music: My musical tastes run from Baroque to classic Beatles and Stones to Punk and Alternative.

Cheap Thriller Best Sellers on Kindle – Richard Bard

Richard Bard’s BRAINRUSH series is on sale today – BRAINRUSH and THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY are $1.99 each on May 14!

These thrillers have a combined 800 5-star reviews on Amazon. They’re fast-paced and full of action – if you like CJ Lyons, Michael Crichton, Vince Flynn, and John Grisham – you’re going to LOVE Richard Bard.

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Political and Legal Thrillers: Cheap Kindle Books for 5/13

If your favorite sort of Kindle books are thrillers that take place in the courtroom or within the political system, these discounts are for you. Douglas Darrow, Lisa Scottoline, and Joshua Graham all have books on sale for Kindle today. 

THE NINTH DISTRICT (a political thriller) is $0.99, ROUGH JUSTICE (part of the Rosato & Associates series, a legal thriller) is $3.79, and BEYOND JUSTICE (a #1 best selling legal thriller) is $4.99 (it’s available for Nook as well)

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Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane: Discounted Book for May 13

Dennis Lehane fans: GONE BABY GONE (the Kindle Book) is on sale for only $1.99 on May 13 (that’s and 80% discount).

GONE BABY GONE is a gripping thriller – if you love Robert Crais and Michael Connelly, grab this one.

Buy GONE BABY GONE for Kindle

GONE BABY GONE is such a good book that Ben Affleck used the story as his directoral debut in Hollywood. If you recall, Affleck just won his second Oscar for directing, so that’s a pretty big deal. Here’s the trailer for Gone, Baby, Gone (the movie) in case you’ve never seen it:

DENNIS LEHANE :: About the Author

Dennis Lehane is the best selling author of SHUTTER ISLAND (also a movie) and MYSTIC RIVER. His novels are true thrillers: the adrenaline rush you’ll get from reading them can’t be beat. He keeps you thoroughly freaked out and turning the pages with every novel. His books are staff favorites at Bargain Booksy!

Not sure if you’ll like Denis Lehane’s novels? If you’re a fan of Robert Crais or Michael Connelly, you’ll love Dennis Lehane.

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