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Creepy Coming of Age Mystery Ebook for Kindle

 Editor’s Note: Stephen King Fan? Here’s a wonderful creepy novel that will have your hair standing up!  

This book has everything! It’s touching, sad, thrilling and suspenseful. This is definitely Bennington’s best yet!


Book Description: In THE SECRET TREE, 13 year old Andy Harper is entrusted with a secret from his dying neighbor, Mr. Beasley. Mr. Beasley tells Andy that there are two things in the old oak tree in the yard. One is the devil and the other is the secret. Andy must find the secret and break the curse. Above all Andy must not tell anyone about the secret because there are those who would gladly kill for it.

THE SECRET TREE is filled with mystery and has terrifying supernatural elements that will give you the chills. You will be engrossed from beginning to end that it will be hard to put down! 

Get THE SECRET TREE for  $0.99 on July 4

Jeff Bennington and Patrick Bousum

Jeff Bennington is the author of Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, Creepy, The Secret Tree and has been published in The Horror Zine. Jeff enjoys writing mystery thrillers with a supernatural twist. The Secret Tree is Patrick Bousum’s debut novel.

Discounted Young Adult Ebooks

While these novels feature young adult protagonists these fantasy reads are not limited to a young adult audience. THE LYING GAME ($2.99) by  New York Time best selling author Sara Shepard is a paranormal thriller about one twin who pretends to be her sister after she is murdered. BEASTLY ($1.99) by Alex Flinn is a twisted urban fantasy about a teen in New York who has been cursed and must find a way to break the spell. 

NOOK READERS: Get your copies of THE LYING GAME here.  

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Adorable Ebook for Kindle That You Will Love

Editor’s Note: DEMANDING RANSOM supports the stance that when life takes something that is yours, you have every right to demand it back.

The story is so well developed and really roped me in right away, and it kept me guessing until the very end. 

Book Description: Life hasn’t been easy for nineteen-year-old Maggie Carson, and things get even more difficult when Ran, the gorgeous paramedic that saved her from a car crash, keeps crossing her path. Ran’s life hasn’t been a cake walk either, but there’s something different about him, and Maggie’s not quite sure she’s ready for the challenge he has to offer. But if there is one thing Ran has taught Maggie, it’s that you can’t sit on the sidelines of your own existence. When life takes something that’s yours, you have every right to demand it back.

Author’s Inspiration:  I was in the middle of a photoshoot (I’m a photographer by day, writer by night) and the guy I was photographing said that he was training to be an EMT. I instantly thought how that job must be so hard, but also, pretty darn cool. Everything with the story line sort of snowballed from there, but it’s definitely centered around Ran “saving” Maggie in several ways: physically, emotionally, and relationally. For most of my books, I’m one of those fly by the seat of my pants writers, so the plot usually comes to me as I write. With Demanding Ransom, it all just poured out of me. 

Get DEMANDING RANSOM for 99c for Kindle on July 1

Megan Squires

I write about my life. Sort of. I typically can’t get away from pulling past experiences into my stories. The snowboard scene in Demanding Ransom where they shut down the lift? Yeah. That happened. Luckily, it was with my best friend and not a guy, but still mortifying nonetheless. As a writer, so many pieces of me are in my characters, in their actions and their thoughts. Which makes sense, because they’re in my thoughts 24/7. Getting it all out on paper is a kind of therapy, one that I’d glad to participate in.

Three Young Adult Novels Discounted for Kindle!

If you’re in the mood for young adult fantasies then look no further! THE TALES OF RYAN FOSTER ($0.99) b J. R. Gridley is a fast paced story with a rich history, and a wide variety of characters. CITY OF BONES ($4.99) by Cassandra Claire is the first book in the new York Times best selling The Mortal Instruments series and soon will be a motion picture! THE TITANS CURSE ($3.99) by RIck Jordan is one of the beloved Percy Jackson novels, once you’ve read one you’ll want to read them all! 

Get these cheap Kindle books 6/29. 

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Young Adult Pool Side Reads

Are you looking to work on your tan this weekend? I have always found that holding a book over my face did a great job of keeping the sun out of my eyes. Whether you get to sit outdoors or are stuck inside this weekend these are some great books to keep you entertained. 

PARTIALS ($2.99) by Dan Wells is a great science fiction with genetic engineering gone wrong. THE CARRIE DIARIES ($2.99)  by Candace Bushnell are the teenage diaries of Carrie Bradshaw, the Sex and the City star. STEALING PARKER ($1.99) by Miranda Kenneally is an all too realistic account of what happens when tragedy hits us and support is no where to be found during our fragile teenage years.

Deals good for Kindle on 6/22

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Summer Books for 2013

Announcing: the Bargain Booksy summer reading list!

To celebrate the first official day of summer (in our part of the world, at least), we’ve collected a list of the best summer books to toss in your beach bag this year. We’ve hand-picked each book from a few places: Oprah’s list of the best summer reads for 2013, reader nominations, popular charts on Goodreads, and our own brains (and wish lists). This list of summer books to read is segmented by genre, so no matter what type of book you’re craving, check out our picks below for our recommendations.

Romance / Women’s Fiction

The Sacramento Bee has called Debbie Macomber “the reigning queen of women’s fiction” – and she has a new book coming out on August 13th. ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM is a heartwarming tale in line with other Macomber favorites. THE FOREVER OF ELLA AND MICHA is the second book in Jessica Sorensen’s Ella and Micha series – it’s a story of young love, long distance, and making it work when the odds are against you. (best of all, it’s only $2.99). Nora Roberts’ book WHISKEY BEACH is on the fast track to becoming a #1 bestseller – it’s a contemporary romantic suspense that makes for a perfect vacation (or weekend) read.

Young Adult / Teen Fiction

Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles books are high-tech, SciFi retellings of the classic Cinderella story. Don’t expect a damsel in distress, though – Cinder is a smart and kickass protagonist. The second book in the series, SCARLET, is a must-read for teen fiction lovers. THE SILVER STAR is by Jeanette Walls, the best selling author of THE GLASS CASTLE. It’s a novel of two teenagers discovering their father and learning about the meaning of true family along the way. Sarah Dessen’s book THE MOON AND MORE is a romantic, lighthearted novel about high school sweethearts headed for college. If you’re a Sarah Dessen fan, you have to add this book to your list!

Science Fiction

READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline is a staff pick: our marketing manager will tell you it’s one of the best science fction books she’s ever read (up there with Ender’s Game). It’s nostalgic and fun with plenty of high-tech adventure – if you’re into 1980’s pop culture and video games at all, you’re going to LOVE this book. Pinky promise. Hugh Howey’s book DUST is for WOOL fans – and if you haven’t picked up a Hugh Howey book yet, shame on you. It’s modern scifi at its best. John Scalzi’s book REDSHIRTS is a futuristic adventure through space on the flagship Intrepid. If you love Star Trek-esque adventures, you can’t miss this one.


Our content manager would have a hissy fit if we dared put up a ‘summer reading list’ post without including Neil Gaiman’s new release.  THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE is Gaiman’s first novel for adults since ANASI BOYS – and it’s a must-read for fantasy fans. DEAD EVER AFTER is the final (sniff sniff) Sookie Stackhouse book from best selling author Charlaine Harris. All good things must come to an end – and DEAD EVER AFTER is the adventure and romance filled finale to Sookie’s story. THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN’S UNION by Michael Chabon is equal parts fantasy and thriller – it’s an alternative history book in 1948 Israel.

Literary Fiction

Elizabeth Strout is one of our CEO’s favorite authors (and a Pulitzer Prize winner to boot), so her new release THE BURGESS BOYS is naturally on our summer reading list.  It’s hard to follow up an award-winning book like OLIVE KITTERIDGE, but THE BURGESS BOYS lives up to all expectations and makes for a wonderful read. AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED is a new book from author Khaled Hosseini, who wrote the #1 best seller THE KITE RUNNER. It’s a novel about finding yourself by caring for another – it’s powerful, complex, and unforgettable. LIFE AFTER LIFE by Kate Atkinson is hailed by Gillian Flynn (author of GONE GIRL, one of our favorites) as one of the greatest novels of the century. It’s a historical novel of a woman who is born again every time she dies – and each life is an iteration of the one she left behind.


LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is a well researched and inspirational book about women in the workplace. David Sedaris’ newest book, LET’S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS, is a collection of poignant and humorous essays typical of Sedaris’ unforgettable style. WILD is an Oprah Book Club pick – it’s a memoir about how one woman took a solo hike on the Pacific Coast Trail and put her life back together on the way.

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Great Young Adult Summer Reads!

Its summer time;  the time of year where book lovers of all ages have a little more time to sit down and enjoy a book. If you enjoy fantasy, science fiction, or some innocent teen romance, these books are for you! 

MILA 2.0 ($2.99) by Debra Driza make the reader ask question about humanity, warfare, and artificial intelligence; as a sci fi novel with loads of suspense and a formidable heroine it would make a great beach read. THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING ($1.99) by Claire La Zebnik is a cute summer love story that will have you smiling at the romantic confusion of the teen characters. THE LAST APPRENTICE ($2.99) by Joseph Delaney is a good old witch story that will satisfy your craving for the paranormal. 

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Great Young Adult Fantasy as Bargain Ebook

Editor’s Note: A blend of pulse-pounding action, Welsh mythology, Arthurian tales, and teen angst

An engrossing coming-of-age story richly infused with ancient mythology and Arthurian tales

Book Description: Taliesin Weaver looks like a typical teenager–but looks can be deceiving. After all, most ordinary teens don’t have apparitions predicting their deaths, shape shifters disguised as friends trying to kill them, anomalies that pull them into the Otherworld and strand them there. Why does Tal have so much unwanted supernatural attention? Probably the fact that he is a reincarnation of the original Taliesin, King Arthur’s bard, has something to do with it. Tal needs to figure out how his past life connects to his present one…before it is too late!

Author’s Inspiration: I have always loved both mythology and contemporary fantasy. I have been teaching high school for 31 years and loving that experience as well. This book is the inevitable fusion of my passion for reading and my long association with teenagers.

Get the discounted Kindle ebook for $0.99 on 6/21

Bill Hiatt

I have wanted to write as long as I can remember. I was churning out short stories in high school, and I actually finished my first novel 30 years ago, but then the writing impulses became dormant for a while because of the demands of my teaching job. Only recently have I found a reasonable way to reconcile the demands of teaching with my desire to create. There was a time when I saw the two as being in irreconcilable conflict. Now I realize that all those years of teaching have made me a better writer, and the writing is making me a better teacher.

Discover Superpowers In This Kindle Book

In A CLASS APART, James and Samantha Blake are teenage twins who get caught up in a supposed terrorist bombing in London. When the twins wake up in hospital, they realize that the danger isn’t over. 

Fans of The Hunger Games and Smallville will enjoy A CLASS APART.

This book was inspired by the author’s desire to explore the lives of teenagers who were given superpowers given the pretty tough times we live in now.  

This discounted Kindle book is just $2.99 on June 14. 


 “Breaking News – School Bus Bombing – Were Twins Targeted?

Fears that teenage twins were targeted in terror attack, amid reports of SECOND strike in victims’ hospital!”

Sam could feel her heart thumping and her pulse quickening as she read the piece. Targeted? Really? Her and James? They must be the twins referred to, as there hadn’t been any others on the coach. Surely the bombing hadn’t been an attack on them? It was stupid! Who would want to target them?

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I’ve always loved writing. It’s something I have always wanted to do, ever since I was a boy. I’ve always written stories, drawn stories and acted out stories. My favourite class at school was English, purely because we got to do a lot of creative writing.

Favorite Place to Write: On Holiday.  There is something so inspirational about the sunshine. I love sitting round a pool, with a cool drink, and letting my imagination run away with me. 

Favorite Food: Coconut beef

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who.

Jodi Picoult’s first YA Book is On Sale!

Save $18.00 on a Jodi Picoult book – BETWEEN THE LINES is only $1.99 on Kindle and Apple today (80% off)! Jodi Picoult’s books have become favorites of our over the years. Picoult and her daughter, Samantha van Leer, wrote a book together for teens. BETWEEN THE LINES is a great read for grades 7-10, and it’s a New York Times Bestseller.

Buy the book on Kindle ($1.99 on June 13) 

Buy the book on Apple ($1.99 on June 13) 

Other books by Jodi Picoult

Just for fun, here’s the trailer for the movie version of Jodi Picoult’s book MY SISTER’S KEEPER (one of our favorites):

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Deals on Young Adult Science Fiction Books

Adventure, science fiction, dystopian societies and a dash of romance define these three YA / SciFi picks. GIRL UNDER GLASS by Monica Enderle Pierce and DAYNIGHT by Megan Thomason are $2.99 each, and THE ROBINSON’S DARK MATTER by Michael Raymond is $3.99.

These cheap Kindle books are bargain priced on June 13. 

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A Discounted YA Romance for Kindle

FIRST KISS is a YA romance for readers 17 and up by Ann Marie Frohoff. 

If you love coming-or-age novels, grab this one. It’s a romance between the girl next door and a teenage rocker who’s on the edge of stardom.  

Excerpt: “She shouldn’t have stayed over. She’d kept trying to leave, but I’d keep pulling her back into the bed. Not that anything had happened. We’d just talked and hung all over each other, horsing around. Kid shit. I sighed, rubbing my eyes as I sat back down on the edge of the bed. What did I expect? She was a kid. Alyssa Montgomery. What the hell was I doing, hanging with a girl her age? If her parents caught her sneaking back in this morning…”

Buy the book on Kindle

This book is $3.99 on June 13. Watch the book trailer below – it’s one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.

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Deals on Paranormal Books for Teens

If you love coming-of-age or new adult books with a ton of supernatural elements, these deals on Kindle books are for you. ELYSIAN by New York Times best selling author Addison Moore is $4.99, SOULED OUT by Blakely Chorpenning is $2.99, and BORN by best selling author Tara Brown is only $0.99.

These cheap Kindle books are on sale on June 8th. 

DON’T HAVE A KINDLE? Souled Out is available on Nook and Apple as well! 

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Go To Eden In This Cheap Kindle YA Fantasy – June 5

YA Fans, here’s a dystopian fantasy that will transport you to the original Garden of Eden. Will a young woman who was accidentally transported to a dark realm be able to fulfill the destiny that wasn’t hers? EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT is the exciting debut novel to a new series that is sure to have you hooked from the get go! 

Fans of  Harry Potter, Gone, and Percy Jackson will enjoy EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT. 

Grab this discounted Kindle book for only $0.99 on June 5.  

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Distracted, vacant, geeky I spend my life inside fantasies of my own design that only exist in my head. Sometimes I manage to commit them to paper or e-paper (depending on your preference), and so far I have achieved that once. I’m working on the sequel.

Favorite Food: Currently I like anchovies on cream cheese and toast

Favorite TV Show: Peep Show (an excellent UK TV series.)

Favorite Place to Write: I imagine my favorite place to write would be in a glass walled apartment overlooking central park in New York. I’ll let you know if that ever becomes a reality. Currently I write at the kitchen table when no one is eating off it.

6 Cheap Young Adult Books for Kindle – 5/27

Young adults and teens will love these 6 cheap books. Grab one (or a few) and prop your feet up by the pool (or on the couch) and enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

These books are bargain priced on 5/27.

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Cheap Kindle Books for Young Adults – 5/26

Lauren Conrad’s book THE FAME GAME ($1.99) is from the same woman who starred in the TV show The Hills and started The Beauty Department. If your teenager loves everything pop culture, Lauren Conrad’s book is a must-buy. STARCROSSED by Josephine Angelini is $2.99, and is a young adult fantasy. CARRIER OF THE MARK by Leigh Fallon in $2.99 and is a teen romance.

These bargain books are on sale through May 27!

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Cheap Kindle Books for Teens – 5/25

Teen fiction isn’t just for teens – a lot of the runaway best sellers of late have neen young adult novels (think THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and THE HUNGER GAMES). These three are excellent novels, and they’re all discounted through May 27!

KICK, TANGLED, and WHERE I BELONG are $1.99 each through 5/27.

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Young Adult Books: Kindle Discounts for 5/24

Teen fiction readers – these four novels are the perfect additions to your Kindle this weekend. LUXE ($1.99) is a historial novel set in 1899 Manhattan – this book has been personally endorsed by the creator of Gossip Girl – if that’s your cup of tea. pick up this one. NO AND ME ($1.99) is a moving read about a Parisian teenager who follows the life of a homeless girl. BIG MOUTH & UGLY GIRL ($1.99) is a compelling read for grades 8 and up. THE PROMISE ($2.99) is a YA fantasy by best selling author Jessica Sorensen.

These cheap Kindle books are on sale on May 24!

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This Cheap Kindle Book Will Leave You Spellbound – May 24

Celeste, a Priestess of Purity, travels a long way to rescue Trelian, a boy who dreams prophecy, from the witch that kidnapped him. THE LOST DREAMER is an impressive fantasy that has all the elements of a good read – love, magic, and adventure.  You will be so thoroughly engrossed in reading this novel that time will just fly by! 

Inspired by the author’s dream, THE LOST DREAMER is a magnificent novel that will leave you wanting more! 

 This discounted Kindle book is only $0.99 on May 24.

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I’ve been wanting to write like this since I was 14, and a freshman in highschool. I’ve done a lot off and on over the years. In August of 2012, I decided to do Nanowrimo (national novel writing month, 50k in 30 days), so I started planning The Lost Dreamer. I worked on it until December. Then I started researching publishing options, and found out a lot of people, if done right, are being successful Indie publishing. So I practiced with two children’s books on the whole cover creation, and formatting thing. I wouldn’t say they turned out perfectly, but they served my purpose, so whatever. Then I got serious about my young adult novel, and did the best I could to edit it. I asked an indie author who has been extremely successful over the last year and a half who she uses to edit her work. I hired him. I paid a designer to create a cover, and put it up for sale.

Favorite Food: I am addicted to ice cream.

Favorite Music: I listen to all different types of music.

Favorite TV Show: I have an obsession for the reality singing competition shows.

Scott Westerfeld: Discounted Kindle Book by the author of The Uglies

Scott Westerfeld’s book THE UGLIES has been on our TBR (to be read) lists forever. Imagine our delight when another one of Scott Westerfeld’s novels, MIDNIGHTERS, popped up on sale today! It’s $1.99 on May 20. It’s on sale for Kindle only, but we’ve included links to Westerfeld’s books on other devices in case you’d really like to read it.

Buy MIDNIGHTERS by Scott Westerfeld for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple. It’s a teen horror novel for fans of everything spooky!



Scott Westerfeld is a well-known and beloved author of teen fiction. His best selling series, UGLIES, are excellent dystopian novels that play on the human desire to look beautiful – at any cost.

Westerfeld is an American author who alternates his time between Sydney and New York City. 

If you loved DIVERGENT, MATCHED, and THE HUNGER GAMES, add THE UGLIES SERIES by SCOTT WESTERFELD to your reading list. Get the books below!


Listen to one of our favorite literary YouTubers, Carrie Hope Fletcher, talk about how much she loved UGLIES:

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