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Intriguing Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: AFTERMATH is a story about relationships as much as fighting zombies.

Book Description:  Returning from a long camping trip, five friends discover a virus has ravaged their Australian country town, leaving little behind. They must overcome their differences, and utlize their individual skills to fight their way home.

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write about zombies in Australia, and utilize the locations and geography of the country, as well as portray a depth in the relationships between the five main characters.

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Owen Baillie

I write every day, and love doing it! I was inspired by Stephen King to begin writing, and after a lot of words, I finally feel like I’m beginning to understand the elements of a good story.

Spooky Paranormal Box Set for 99c

Editor’s Note: CREEPY is very unique and has been in the Amazon Ghost Top-100 for over a year straight.

Book Description:  CREEPY is a unique collection of 38 supernatural short stories and true paranormal experiences. This book includes Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 so you an enjoy the entire CREEPY experience!

Author’s Inspiration: Actual paranormal experiences.

Get the KINDLE, NOOK, and APPLE book for 99c from 12/5-12/26. 

Jeff Bennington

Jeff Bennington is the author of The Secret Tree, Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, and Creepy series. He’s a blogger, and loves his wife and kids. He’s not scary…but his books are.

Horror Series on Sale for Kindle

Robert Swartwood’s Man of Wax Trilogy is creepy, suspenseful, and is sure to make your spine tingle. Follow this twisted game of Simon Says as Ben Anderson fights to save his life and those of his family members. Get MAN OF WAX and THE INNER CIRCLE for 99c each. 

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Spine Tingling Horror Kindle Books

DYING TO TELL ($3.99) by Rita Herron is a psychological thriller with murder, madness, and suspense. PINES ($4.99) by Blake Crouch is a terrifying work of urban horror with paranormal elements. HARROWGATE ($1.99) by Kate Maruyama is the story of Michael, his suddenly strange wife, and his newborn baby whom he isn’t allowed to see.

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Horror Readers! Grab these Discount eBooks Today!

THE GROVE ($2.99) by John Rector is a tale of murder and madness set in the midst of rural life. ASYLUM ($1.99) by Amy Cross is a collection of all 8 books on the Asylum series, a collection of stories that follow the people stuck in an insane asylum. HAUNTED HOUSE ($0.99) by Jack Kilborn is the story of 8 strangers who are paid a million dollars if they can last the night in a haunted house; they think it will be easy, until the killing starts. 

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Halloween Horror Kindle Books!

Happy Halloween Bargain Booksy Readers! Today Amazon discounted five Kindle Horror Books. If you’re in the mood for ghouls, ghosts, and the just plain scary, grab these spine tingling reads! 

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Zombie Horror Novel 99c for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: DEADLOCKED is an unconventional take on the zombie apocalypse.

Book Description:   DEADLOCKED is a collection of the entire first series of Deadlocked. Through the books, a family struggles to survive the start of the zombie apocalypse. By the end, they will discover the origin of the outbreak, and will be forced to fight for their lives from both the creatures and the people responsible for their creation.

Get the KINDLE and NOOK books for 99c on 10/31.  

AR Wise

AR Wise continues to challenge conventional story-telling with his Deadlocked series, as well as 314, and Daughter of Bathory. His books are a gory good time, with lots of heart and complex characters that earn the respect of readers.


Deals on Horror Kindle Books

 WILDERNESS ($0.99) by Dean Koontz is a short story that mixes mystery, magic, and the paranormal. POE ($4.99) by J. Lincoln Fenn is a ghost story with mystery, romance, and plenty of creepy. 

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Psychological Horror Novel 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note: FIRST CUT is a  99 Cent Horror Special just in time for Halloween!

Book Description:  Stephen Silva has walked these streets a thousand times, watching the people around him exploit their beauty and privilege. 

Tonight, he’ll get what’s coming to him. Tonight everything will change.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always been fascinated by characters who are morally ambiguous rather than black and white. This book is my attempt to get into the head of a man who is succumbs to his inner-most thoughts, even as he fights to suppress them.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 10/29.  

Jay Ash

Jay Ash has been writing fiction since he was a child. In addition to being an author, he has also been an automobile claims adjuster, a sales rep, and a process manager for a Fortune 500 company. His favorite activities are hiking and playing with his son.


Creepy Dark Fantasy Kindle Book for 99c

Editor’s Note: In the world of THE NECROMANCER’S APPRENTICE things are never what they seem.

Book Description:  Having fallen victim to a family tragedy, a young woman is saved by and apprentices under a necromancer with a hidden agenda. A gothic fantasy novella by R.M. Prioleau.

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to challenge myself and write a genre that was new to me. I had a story in mind based on a character I created in an online game.

Get the Kindle book for $.99 on 10/27.  

R.M. Prioleau

R.M. Prioleau is a game designer by day and a dangerous writer by night. Since childhood, she’s continued discovering new ways to expand her skills and creativity as she delves into the realm of literary abandon. R.M. is a NaNoWriMo enthusiast who has been active in the worldwide writing community since 2009.

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Deals on Spine Tingling Horror eBooks for Kindle

These Horror books are guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies. THE SUMMER MAN ($2.00) by S.D. Perry is the story of a small, seaside town that is invaded by dark desires. THE WITCHING HOUR ($2.99) by Anne Rice, the mistress of paranormal novels, is a dark tale of witchcraft and the occult through the ages. DECK Z ($1.99) by Chris Pauls is a historical horror that puts zombies on board the Titanic. 

Grab these bargain books on 10/23.  

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Horror Bargain Books for Kindle

ABANDON ($3.99) by best selling author Blake Crouch is a haunting tale of a ghost town that lives up to it’s title. DARK DAYS ($4.99) is an apocalyptic zombie novel that takes place after the outbreak and follows that group that is desperately trying to reach safety. 

Get these bargain books on 10/18.  

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The Monsters Under the Bed Come Alive in This Discount Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: If you enjoy scary reads with mythical creatures, you will love THE ONE YOU FEED. 

Book Description: Toby Hoffman grew up hearing all about the scary monsters that were supposed to live in the woods of the neighboring Umatilla Indian Reservation. Now that he is older, he knows that they are just fakes to keep little kids out of the woods. 

But when his best friend Nate wakes up in the woods covered in blood with no recollection on where it came from or how he got there, a mystery begins to unfold. With the help of the Native American girl Rachel he begins searching for the explanation for the carnage that has been happening across town. 

What they find is terrifying and makes them confront some horrifying truths… 

You can also get the sequel SOMETHING WICCAN for  $2.99. 

Get the Kindle book for $2.99

99c Horror Stories for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: Just in time for Halloween, THIRTY SCARY TALES is features creepy horrors that linger in your mind. 

Book Description: Thirty atmospheric, creepy, disturbing short stories. Meet ghosts, vampires, zombies, dangerous animals, psychopaths and seemingly nice people simmering with evil. The horror is subtle, more psychological and atmospheric than violent and gory. PG 13. 

Readers who love Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Aickmann, and Amelia Edwards will enjoy THIRTY SCARY TALES.  

Author’s Inpsiration: Inspiration for creepy stories came from the places where I’ve travelled and lived, above all, the south coast of England with its ancient stone circles, mediaeval castle ruins and wave-lashed cliffs. To research one of the ghost stories, I even spent a night in a remote cemetery, surrounded by lichen-encrusted tombstones.

Get this eBook for 99c for KindleNook, and Apple on October 11


Rayne Hall enjoys scaring people. Her horror fiction is atmospheric, creepy and dark. It doesn’t shock with violence or gross out with gore, but disturbs and thrills. 

After living and working in Germany, China, Mongolia and Nepal, she has settled in England, in a small dilapidated seaside town of former Victorian grandeur – perfect for writing atmospheric horror stories. She has had over forty books published under several pen names, with several publishers, in several languages.


Cheap Paranormal Thriller for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: THE PORTAL is a gritty, high-stakes paranormal thriller about a woman trying to save her child.

Book Description: Vivian Carmichael is no longer safe. After successfully hiding in the San Bernardino Mountains with her four-year old son for over a year, her estranged husband Jarod has found them. Finding out Jarod is not quite human anymore, Vivian is forced to run for her life. 

Readers who enjoy Stephan King and Dean Koontz will love The Portal.  

Author’s Inspiration: I woke up from a nightmare, in which I was a mother trying to save my child from his father. I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that one, but the dream was my inspiration.

Get this eBook for only $1.99 for Kindle, Nook, and Apple 


Christopher Allan Poe is from Los Angeles. In addition to writing he tours as a musician. 

I love to write with my headphones on, music blasting. Industrial, rock, classical, metal, pop, and jazz. Every kind of music. Volume is the key. For me, it creates a wall of noise that helps me forget outside distractions so I can focus on writing.


Cheap Horror Nook and Kindle Books

These Horror novels will set your spine tingling and make you want to keep the lights on at night. HEART SHAPED BOX ($2.99) by Joe Hill is a ghost story of the good, old fashioned, thoroughly creepy sort.  THE DOLL ($2.99) by Taylor Stevens is a mystery with extra doses of murder and macabre. 

Grab these bargain books on 10/1.  

THE DOLL and HEART SHAPED BOX are both available as Nook books too.  

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Creepy Horror Novel Just 99c For Kindle

Editor’s Note: WHISPER is a classic haunted house story with a modern day twist.

Book Description:   When Steve and Melody Samson move into Hope House, they think that they’ve found their dream home.

But Hope House, and the sinister forest that surround it holds a terrible secret. A secret that has remained hidden for centuries.

An ancient evil has awakened. And it has plans for the young couple.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 10/1.  

Michael Bray

Michael Bray is a Horror author based in Leeds, England. Influenced from an early age by the suspense horror of authors such as Stephen King, and the trashy pulp TV shows like Tales From The Crypt & The Twilight Zone, he started to work on his own fiction, and spent many years developing his style. In May 2012, he signed a deal with the highly reputable Dark Hall Press. His first full length novel, a supernatural horror titled Whisper was initially self-published, and following great critical acclaim, was optioned for a movie adaptation and sold to Horrific Tales publishing. Future works include the short story collection FUNHOUSE, and a new novel titled From The Deep.


Unique Blend of Horror and Urban Fantasy Cheap for Kindle

Editor’s Note: THE NECROMANCER’S GAMBIT tells the story of a magical investigator who tracks criminals and wages supernatural war.

Book Description:  Knight, the sheriff of the local magical government, or “the Gambit,” is called to recover a mutilated body, tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt. When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit, he suspects a larger conspiracy threatening the fragile peace amongst the city’s magic-wielding factions. As more bodies fall, Knight finds the circle of those he can count on shrinking, as more allies turn away or turn up dead.

Fans of the Dresden Files don’t miss this book!  

Nicolas Wilson

Once you take away the novel-writing parts, Nicolas Wilson is a professional glutton (the more artificially flavored, the better), and a human cat tree. He has a fondness for doody humor, gross-out contests, and bad movies. He has written several novels, though more than half of them are still stuck in editing. Nic isn’t a one-genre writer, which reflects his ADHD tendencies, but he ties all of his work together with witty dialogue, absurd visuals, and a tendency to look at the weirdest parts of human psychology. He also does most of his writing without pants on. Even now. 


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