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Romance and Women’s Fiction : Bargain eBooks for 5/10

Grab these cheap Kindle books for a light read this weekend!

GETTING OVER GARRETT DELANEY ($1.99 today) is a teen romance that’s absolutely hilarious. Meg Cabot fans – you’re going to love this one. SUGARLAND by New York Times Best Selling Author Joni Rodgers is an inspirational (and touching) romp through the lives of two sisters in Texas. It’s like Jodi Picoult meets The Sweet Potato Queens. SUDDENLY ROYAL is for fans of Kiera Cass and The Princess Diaries – it’s a $0.99 coming of age / modern Cinderella story.

These deals are good on May 10!

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Cheap Books from Heather Graham and Susan Mallery – May 9

Two great romance authors, Heather Graham and Susan Mallery, have discounted books today! Heather Graham’s books KEEPER OF THE NIGHT and THE KEEPERS are bundled together in this edition – it’s only $3.99 today. Grab it if you love paranormal romance with plenty of suspense and adventure. Susan Mallery’s book HALFWAY THERE is part of the Fool’s Gold series – contemporary romance fans, grab this one for only $1.99 today. These bargain books are on sale on May 9!

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Cheap Books for Kindle by Barbara Freethy and Sherryl Woods – May 8

Grab these two cheap romance ebooks – both of these novels are from New York Times bestselling authors, and they’re only $1.99 each for Kindle on May 8.

SAND CASTLE BAY by Sherryl Woods is a contemporary romance novel about two star-crossed lovers, Emily and Boone. A SECRET WISH is a short and sweet ebook about three women in San Fran – and a night they’ll never forget. Both of these bargain books are on sale on May 8.

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You Will Be Caught Between Two Worlds In This $0.99 Paranormal Romance – May 8

TWO HALVES is a paranormal romance where humans, witches, warlocks, demons and vampires roam the world. Sarah, a half-breed vampire, begins to accept her dual nature she discovers she’s not alone and her calling to save humans and vampires from extinction is just the beginning of a life-long adventure.

Readers who love Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy will like TWO HALVES. This book and the series it is part of was inspired by Twilight. Katherine Heigl would make a memorable Sarah. 

This is also available for Nook on May 8th.


My breathing quickened as I took in scents of the fresh green moss on the north side of the trees; the cool mist that blew from a nearby lake, carrying the scent of water lilies and algae; and in front of me, the over-sweet aroma of almost burnt toasted golden-brown marshmallows. I inhaled deeper, recognizing the sulphur of the Yellowstone geysers spitting steam and hot water. My heartbeat sped up even more. The pulse of nature—of life—pierced my skin, penetrating deep into my organs, giving me strength and vigour I hadn’t thought possible. I absorbed the energy around me to enhance my senses. The forest inhabitants knew what I was and kept their distance. My mouth watered when I thought about the sleeping elk three miles away. Would its blood thicken when it entered my mouth? My tongue slid across the inside of my upper lip when my gaze focused on someone’s jugular. I swallowed in a dry throat as my eyes rose to the face of someone I’d dared to think of as a victim. The vampire instincts awoke.


Marta Szemik is the author of the Two Halves series. Her goal is to entertain the readers so they can lose themselves in the story. Marta enjoys watching survivor and paranormal shows such as True Blood and Supernatural. Readers of the Two Halves series find themselves within the world created by the author who found her passion for writing while enjoying a movie.

 Marta enjoys music from the 80’s and 90’s. Her favorite past time is having a cup of coffee on the patio. She loves to ski in winter and camp in the summer watching nature which inspires her characters and scenes.


Deals on Romance from Jackie Collins, Lisa Jackson, and Toni Blake – May 6

Jackie Collins, Lisa Jackson, and Toni Blake are all excellent romance authors. Lucky for all of us, these three literary women have books on sale today!

VENDETTA and LEFT TO DIE and both romantic suspense novels – they’re $2.99 and $0.99 respectively. ONE RECKLESS SUMMER is a contemporary romance – it’s only $0.99!

These deals are good on May 6.

Discover The Truth In This Romantic Mystery For Less Than $1 – May 4 & 5

A tightly woven tale of love, possession, and concealed histories, SHE BELONGS TO ME follows a man who finds his wife unconscious, clinging to life. Was it a suicide attempt, or a sinister force from her former life?

Readers who enjoyed Safe Haven and Whiskey Beach will like SHE BELONGS TO ME. 

SHE BELONGS TO ME was inspired by the author’s twenty-three year marriage to a police officer. We see Chris Pine as the star of this novel. 

This is also available on Nook and Apple for $0.99 on May 5.


As an avid reader, I’ll read about anything I can get my hands on, but I love romantic-suspense novels. The only problem was I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I yearned for stories filled with a fifty/fifty split of romance and mystery. I craved meaning and purpose and for the writer to sweep me off my feet without trying to shock me with graphic or violent scenes. Since it was becoming more difficult to find the perfect tale, I decided to write it. Three years later, I have two bestselling romantic-suspense novels and two bestselling short stories. And now I’m addicted to writing as much as I am reading. I have enough stories in my head to fill a small bookstore, so I hope to continue sharing them with all my avid-reader friends who enjoy reading stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Favorite Food: Blueberry muffins and Pizza, though, not at the same time.

Favorite Place to Write: I have a home office that looks out over my Florida backyard, while not large, I love watch the pool water as it reflects off the ceiling.

Favorite Music: Pandora is almost always tuned to my favorite station, Yiruma, modern-day piano.


A Few Romance Deals for May 3

Romance deals for a fun Friday!

RUN THE RISK from Lori Foster is only $1.99 today – it’s a steamy romantic suspense from Harlequin. THE UNHOLY from Heather Graham is $3.99 – it’s also a romantic suspense, and it takes place in the 1940s! Debbie Macomber’s JUST MARRIED is a contemporary romance for $3.82.

Fall In Love With This Romance For Less Than $2 – May 3

Suspense. Romance. Adventure. GARLAND ROSES has everything needed for a cozy afternoon read.

Threatened by a menacing stalker, who calls himself ‘The Doctor’ Kathy Meadows is in fear for her life. All attempts to identify and capture her nemesis have failed, until she meets Joel Garland, who is the leader and lead singer of the rock group, Garland Roses. As soon as he learns of the danger Kathy is in, Joel enlists the help of his cousin, Nicholas Stone, to put an end to The Doctor’s reign of terror.

Fans of Debbie Macomber’s Heart of Texas Series, Midnight Sons Series, and Orchard Valley Trilogy will enjoy GARLAND ROSES. 

GARLAND ROSES was inspired by the author’s desire to know more about what happened to her favorite characters after their happy endings. We think that Chris O’Donnell would make a good Joel Garland.

This will be available for $1.99 on May 3.


As she listened in horror to The Doctor’s recorded message, the teacup fell from Kathy’s suddenly nerveless fingers, and crashed into tiny pieces on the floor at her feet. Joel uttered several coarse curses, and hastily set the figurine in his hands back on the table before sprinting into the kitchen. He reached over Kathy, and switched the answering machine off, before another message could rumble out of it.


A little bit about me. I was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Colorado. I have lived in five states, and currently reside in Utah with my wonderful husband, Mike, , and our fifteen year old son, Cameron, and our five cats, four HUGE goldfish, and an adorable spoiled canine baby, named Abby. Our oldest son, Branden, is a Master at Arms in the United States Navy.

My favorite food varies from week to week, but I love BBQ, American, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese food…as well as fast food and junk food. 

My favorite place to write is on the couch in my living room, on my laptop computer. Rainy days and overcast or snowy days are my favorite types of days to write… 

My favorite TV shows: NCIS, NCIS LA, Jimmy Fallon, The Big Bang Theory, Warehouse 13, Mike and Molly, and Rules of Engagement. 


Return To Times Long Past In This Historical Romance For Only $0.99 – May 3

PRIDE AND FIRE is a historical romance of a passionate penniless politician and an opinionated spirited heiress. Sparks fly when they meet, but will they let their pride overrule their hearts? 

PRIDE AND FIRE will touch your heart and passions. Get this in time for the weekend to enjoy!

This is also available on Apple for $0.99 on May 3rd.


“Am I not permitted to have opinions!?” Lady Helen let out a breath. “You may have opinions, dear,” she said. “You must simply learn to keep them to yourself.” That was quite enough in Michelle’s opinion. She pulled in a breath and let it out in a rush. “I will not discuss this with you.” She turned to leave. “I’m going upstairs to ready for this evening.” “Dress with care, dear,” her mother called to her, picking up her needlework. “There will most certainly be eligible men present.” With an unladylike snort, Michelle began to climb the stairs. “Too willful by half,” her mother offered in parting.


JoMarie DeGioia writes Historical Romances with a touch of mystery and Contemporary Romances with a touch of home, and is currently working on a Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure series. She divides her time between Central Florida and New England.


Bestselling Romance Bargains for May 2

Each of these romance novels have hundreds of great reviews on Amazon – readers before you have adored them, so it’s likely that you will too! 

STILL WITH ME ($3.00) is an award-winning literary romance originally published in France. It’s a powerful and beautiful read. WILD MONTANA SKY ($2.99) is the first installment in Debra Holland’s bestselling series – fans of western romance, grab this one. HOME BY MORNING ($2.99) is a story of first love in 1918 Oregon.

These deals are good on 5/2.

Get Caught Up In A Whirlwind Of Dramatic Suspense In This $0.99 Romance – May 2

Wooed and seduced by Mr. Perfect, a young woman suspects deception when she conceives a long awaited child. OF LOVE & DECEPTION is a suspense-filled romance complete with secrets and intriguing mystery. It will have you on the edge of your seat! 

Fans of Fatal Attraction will enjoy OF LOVE & DECEPTION.

This book was born from the author’s passion of writing angst filled romances with a dash of suspense. We picture Megan Fox as the main character.

This is also available on Nook.


You’re a slave to your fear, to your past until you can travel down that road, the one that takes you to the places where love, lies, jealousy, pain, laughter, delusions, and yes, deception, split your paths until everything collides and comes crashing back together. 


As an author, I don’t follow trends. All my work is my own and never created off another author/authors work. To compare it would be’ to compare apples to oranges’.

I love to read as much as I love to write. I rarely watch TV, but my favorite movies are anything Julia Roberts or Susan Sarandon in them and of course, Johnny Depp or Leonardo Decaprio Titanic is an absolute favorite.


Two Bargains in the Cedar Cove Series by Debbie Macomber | May 1

Debbie Macomber is kind of a Bargain Booksy all-star — readers love her books, and she’s kind enough to discount them. Thanks, Debbie!

Today, two of the books in the Cedar Cove series are on sale — 16 LIGHTHOUSE RD is $4.99 and 44 CRANBERRY POINT is $3.99. These deals are good on May 1.

Two Deals on Paranormal Romances from Harlequin Nocturne – May 1

Harlequin Nocturne books have “the perfect blend of passion and paranormal” – and two of them are on sale today! If you’re a fan of witches, warlocks, and demons, grab these two books.

THIS WICKED MAGIC is $1.99 and HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER is $3.63. These deals are good on May 1.

Hold On To The Edge Of Your Seat With This Romantic Suspense For Less Than $1 – May 1

BROKEN BUILD is a romantic suspense at it’s best. A blackmailed woman, Jen Jones, with a secret longs to make amends with the man she wronged – only he doesn’t know yet. When the blackmailer is murdered, the truth starts to come out. Will he be able to forgive her before she ends up dead too? 

Fans of When Wishes Collide and Fatal Deception will enjoy BROKEN BUILD. 

BROKEN BUILD was based upon the question, “Can a man love and forgive a woman who ruined his life?” Who would play Jen Jones? Jennifer Lopez, of course!   

This is available for $0.99 on May 1 on Kindle and Nook.


 A man’s arm steadied her. She turned and faced his neck and tailored shirt. A whiff of magnetic danger, woodsy with a hint of spice, drew her gaze up. The corners of the CEO’s panther grey eyes wrinkled. A jolt of panicked adrenaline shot through Jen. What if he recognized her? Jen’s cheeks simmered. “I, uh, have work to do. My backpack…” She reached for it, but he grabbed it and held it behind his back. “You just checked a minute ago. It’s okay to have fun with your family. I’m not that much of a slave driver, am I?”


Rachelle lives with her husband in California. She has a nonstop imagination and loves drama. While her real life is calm and satisfying, she puts her characters through pain and torture while dangling the promise of a love so rich it is worth risking all for. “I love challenging plots and crossing boundaries. You’ll find characters striving for victory while overcoming physical and emotional obstacles. I sprinkle humor here and there, and of course there is romance and the sweet hope of forgiveness and love ever after.”

Favorite Food: I love all kinds of food and mix it all up in my cooking: soy sauce with chili powder, lemon grass and oregano, ketchup and fish sauce, turmeric and sage. So you might just call it international or fusion creative cuisine.

Favorite Music:  I don’t usually listen to music, but my tastes range from classical violin to salsa to bluegrass to Bollywood to rap and hip hop. My playlists are similarly fused from around the world. I think it all goes back to living in the International Living Center while in college. I’ve lived within multi-ethnic communities all my live and delight in sharing the food, traditions, music and emotions of the people around me.


You Will Want To Get Pink Slipped In This $0.99 Light-hearted Read – May 1

When Leesa Winsome is out of work and out of options, her family sends her to a motivational workshop to get inspired. With the help the handsome speaker Ryne Garrett, and a wacky group of fellow jobseekers, she just might find that breakthrough to greatness and new job she’s been looking for.

Fans of Sophie Kinsella will love PINK SLIPPER! 

PINK SLIPPER is a fun and flirty read, inspired by the author’s husband’s job search, will have you laughing and your heart warmed!

This is also available on Nook and Apple.


pink’ slip’, (pingk’ slip’) n., notice of dismissal from one’s job (1910-1915) In reality, a slip of paper that’s never pink, an announcement that one’s career is on a downward slide. A license to look for work. A stab in the back by a company to which one’s been loyal, devoted hours of conscientious work, and plotted a climb up the ladder. pink’-slip’, (pingk’ slip’) v.t.,-slipped, -slip-ping to dismiss from a job: Leesa’s ex-best friend Cara pink-slipped her on Friday after buying her lunch. (1950-1955, example from the present) pink’ slip’ per, (pingk’ slip’ er) n., 1. A light, low shoe, worn mainly indoors, that may be slipped on or off easily, in the color of pink. 2. A person who has been pink-slipped. –Standard dictionary definitions available online and elsewhere (updated, revised, and expanded upon by Leesa Winsome)


Gina Robinson lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. She loves humor, romance, suspense, and spies. Not necessarily in that order. She writes spylicious romance, contemporary and historical romance, humorous thrillers, and women’s fiction. If she could meet just one fictional spy, she’d be hard pressed to choose between James Bond and Max Smart. in her opinion, the perfect spy would be a combination of the two. Most days she writes while wearing slippers, flip-flops, or tennis shoes, depending on the season. But she loves a great, sexy heel and has a closet full for special occasions. She belongs to Romance Writers of America and International Thriller Writers.

Favorite food: Chocolate, just about any cacao level above 60% 🙂

Favorite TV Show: Castle, Elementary, and The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Place to Write: Anywhere inspiration strikes me


Bargains for Romance Readers – April 30

Lovely love. Ain’t it grand? We picked three sweet romance bestsellers today – all are on sale 4/30.

REBELLIOUS DESIRE by Julie Garwood is $0.99, and is a historical romance. SANCTUARY COVE ($2.99) is more contemporary, and UNFORGETTABLE ($1.99) deals with family life.

Happy swooning!

The Torn Series by KA Robinson for $2.99 – April 30

KA Robinson’s bestselling Torn series is on sale today – TORN (Book 1) and TWISTED (Book 2) are $2.99 each.

The Torn Series is a contemporary romance that features college students, tattooed musicians, and a captivating love triangle. If you’re a fan of romance and drama, this series is for you!

These deals are good on 4/30.

Fun Contemporary Fiction Deals for April 29

These novels all play off pop culture in some fashion – and they’re all fun reads to keep you occupied this week.

PREP ($3.99) is a coming-of-age story of Lee, a 14-year-old starting prep school in Massacussetts. ELIMINATION NIGHT ($2.99) is a novel that takes you behind-the-scenes of competitions like American Idol and The X Factor. GOLDBERG VARIATIONS ($2.99) is kind of like a modern day King Lear… except hilarious.

These deals are good on 4/29.

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