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As teenagers, Lisa Reynolds and Tony Santos moved from wariness to friendship to love before family, prejudice, and life-shattering decisions tore them apart. Now, older and wiser, both find themselves back where they started. Each has changed a lot, but the bitterness and pain of their past can never be forgotten or forgiven. A future together is impossible, and yet, their feelings for each other haven’t died.

Readers who love Barbara Freethy and Susan Wiggs’ emotional, heartwarming romances will like my book.

Joanne wanted to write a book about choices we make when young because of other people’s influences and prejudices (the hero is from a poor Mexican family), and the shattering consequences when we don’t following our own hearts. 

Lisa (Lee) Reynolds is blonde, elegant, and a newcaster—very much a young Diane Sawyer or Megan Kelly type. She most resembles a young Michelle Pfeiffer. Tony Santos is a baseball player, and while he could be played by CSI’s Adam Rodriguez, the person who most resembles him is NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez.

This heartwarming romance on Kindle will be $0.99 on April 11th.


She raised her eyes. Suddenly, the world screeched to a halt, then careened backwards in time. Standing inside the baseball field, staring straight at her, was Tony Santos. The sound of birds, the murmur of the crowd, the heat of the afternoon sun, all dimmed and disappeared. She felt cold, then warm, then a little light-headed. Tony. Of all the people she had known in Miwok, he was the one she most often thought about. The one she had stayed curious about after all these years. The one she dreaded ever facing again. He’d left Miwok years ago, just as she had–just as they’d both always said they’d do. Yet, seeing him here seemed so right, so inevitable, even if she wouldn’t admit it, she knew she had imagined he’d be here. She felt rooted to the spot, and starkly aware of the damp coldness of the sodas in her hands, the smoothness of the silk that skimmed her body, the dull roar in her ears. It was somehow appropriate that even after all these years, she should see him in a baseball cap. That was how she remembered him best. Yes, she remembered Tony.


Much like Lee Reynolds, I planned to become a journalist. I received a Master’s in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley, lived in Japan and traveled throughout Asia to earn my journalistic “creds.” When life, love, and marriage made that line of work difficult, I discovered it was much more enjoyable to write my own stories with endings that satisfied rather than being stuck writing “just the facts.” My first books were romantic suspense, and the stories quickly evolved into a long-running mystery series (the Angie Amalfi mysteries), that even hit the USA Today bestseller list. But I’ve always loved romance, both contemporary, historical and fantasy. I most enjoy a book that I can either laugh over or that will move me to tears—and that is my goal in my writing. Now, with my sons grown and my husband retired, I have time to write the books I’ve always wanted.

I write at home, surrounded by nature, with beautiful views overlooking a valley and mountains far beyond. My favorite music ranges from classical and opera to Mo-town and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I also love the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, spicy ethnic food of all types, Dr. Who, and just about every crime show on TV, particularly Castle and Person of Interest.


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