Amazing Fantasy Series for less $1

It’s been three-thousand years since the last age of power, and all that remains are myths and legends. When power returns to the world of Godsland, no one is prepared; least of all Catrin Volker, who inadvertently fulfills the prophecy of the destroyer.

Fans of the Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia, and the Shannara Series will like THE DAWNING OF POWER trilogy.

Brian’s inspiration for the series came from his upbringing barn training racehorses. It was like living in another time, and that experience gave me a great deal of inspiration to draw from.

This epic fantasy adventure is only $0.99 on April 11th.


The snake, which Catrin now saw was an olive-green tree snake, was lured from Chase’s pouch by the stillness, its slender head and neck poked from the pouch, looking like a bean pod with eyes. Catrin held her breath as it slithered forward and coiled itself around the chair leg. Peten noticed Catrin’s sideways glances and gave her a snide look, tossing his long, blond hair over his shoulders. With his muscular build, strong jaw, and piercing blue eyes, he cast a striking figure, but his attitude and ego made him the least attractive person Catrin had ever met. She felt little pity for him as the snake continued to follow its instinct, which was to climb. Peten was oblivious to its presence and continued to look bored, casting his own glances to get the attention of Roset Gildsmith. The snake slithered up the slats on the back of his chair; it brushed against his curls, and still he remained unaware. He shifted in his seat, as if sensing the stares of Catrin, Chase, and Osbourne, and turned his head to glare at them. As he did, his eyes met those of the snake, and he shrieked. His high-pitched scream and sudden movement alarmed the snake, and it struck, biting him on his nose. Catrin knew the snake was not venomous, but Peten obviously knew nothing of the sort.


Brian Rathbone is not quite right in the head, but he tends to hide it well. When he’s not writing fantasy, he’s usually herding cats or trying to get kids in rural areas better Internet access. Most of the time, though, he’s banging on the keyboard telling stories or interacting with his fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Food: I’m a bit of a pizza nut, and I’ve been known to break for Philly cheesesteaks.

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