Head To The Beach With This Cheap Kindle eBook- May 17

Madison is dragged into an unbelievable mess by her ex-husband, Jag. So, she enlists her best friend, Fabiana, and soon they find themselves knee-deep in mysterious adventures! DECEPTION IN PARADISE is a humorous mystery perfect for reading under an umbrella. With it’s quirky characters and action packed adventures, it’s sure to make a day at the beach much more enjoyable!

Fans of the Stephanie Plum and Body Mover series will love DECEPTION IN PARADISE!

This discounted Kindle eBook is available on May 17 for $0.99. 


Sitting with cell phone in hand, I breathed a sigh of relief when the door of the Pinto opened; the crazy driver must be okay since he was climbing out. I watched with open-mouthed, wide-eyed shock as Joseph got out of the car, clearly drunk. He weaved back and forth, hunched over, threw up several times, stood up, looked around, and stumbled off. I wondered whose car he’d been driving. His last two or three cars had been impounded, and the court had revoked his driver’s license months ago.

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 Redhead. Love vanilla ice cream with caramel, dipped in chocolate. Rescue cats and one shares my love of ice cream. Deception in Paradise is a welcome reward after a hard day in stiletto heels. Throw on your bathing suit, grab your flip-flops and drag your beach chair into the backyard. Kick back and let yourself be transported to The Keys. Cheer on Madison and Fab and laugh through their butt-kicking adventures.

Favorite Food: Chicken enchiladas, guacamole, sour cream and a margarita rocks with salt.

Favorite Place to Write: I write on my bed a lot, more room for me, the cats and my laptop. There is also a spectacular eye-level view of a boat marina through the sliding glass doors.

Favorite TV Show: The television is on the background, for the noise, but I couldn’t tell what’s on the screen. I’d rather read than watch television; currently I’m reading Private Berlin by James Patterson.


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