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Editor’s Note:  SPLIT SENSE winds you in an emotional web of suspense that will keep you tied up until the end.

Book Description:  Split Sense follows the lives of fraternal twins – a brother and sister, each of whom has an unexplainable, seemingly supernatural, gift. Adopted separately as infants, neither knows of the other’s existence until fate brings them together to combat a complex web of deceit and subterfuge that centers around a Minneapolis pharmaceutical company conducting secret clinical drug trials on humans.

Author’s Inspiration: My idea for SPLIT SENSE came about after watching a “medical mysteries” segment about Synesthesia on a morning news show. The story of people with jumbled senses was intriguing and I took it a few steps further.

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Barbara Ellen Brink

Barbara Ellen Brink is an author, wife, mother, and dog walker. She grew up on a small farm in Washington State, but now lives in the mean “burbs” of Minnesota with her husband and their dogs, Rugby & Willow. In her spare time – when she’s not reading – she likes to ride motorcycles, visit local wineries, and catch up on the latest movies.

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