Heartwarming Romance for Kindle Readers

Editor’s Note: RETURN TO CRADLE LAKE is a story about a woman’s journey to redemption and her second chance at love. 

I became lost in this story from the very first page.


Book Description:  Grace Peyton comes face to face with her past when she returns to her Ohio home town after twenty years to care for her estranged husband who has been in an automobile accident. Old passions reignite and long-held secrets are revealed as Grace learns that a second chance at a first love is the best and home is where the heart leads you.

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired to write this book when I revisited my home town in Summit County, Ohio and sat on the shore of Portage Lake. I wanted to write a book about a troubled woman who came home after years away and found what she least expected but wanted most.

Get the Kindle book for $1.99 on 8/02.  

Cynthia Thomason  

About the Author: I’ve always loved small towns, the feeling of family, the often quirky characters that make up a close-knit community. When on road trips, I never miss the chance to visit particularly interesting small towns and historic places. I’ve always believed that life offers second chances, do-overs for any of us who are willing to explore the possibilities. You can find me exploring America’s back roads, walking my dog, or eating in my favorite burger joint.
 I love musicals, theater, really good sitcoms, and great sales. I like mountains and country stores, waterfalls and country music. John Denver is my favorite recording artist. My heart broke a little when he died.

Author’s Website: www.cynthiathomason.net

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