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Editor’s Note:BOTSWANA is the fist book in an action-packed middle-grade adventure series that takes twins Gannon and Wyatt from Africa to the South Pacific. 

Book Description: Wherever Gannon & Wyatt go, adventure follows in this action-packed middle-grade adventure!When Gannon and Wyatt arrive in Botswana for an African safari, they find themselves tangled up in much more than a family vacation. After receiving word that a poacher has shot and wounded a lioness, they set off into the wild in the hopes of saving the mother and her cubs before the poacher finishes the job. While on this amazing journey, they encounter Africa’s Big Fiveelephants, rhinos, cape buffalos, leopards, and lionsonly to discover that the most dangerous predator in the African bush is not the king of beasts, but man himself.

Author’s Inspiration:Patti was inspired by her real-life twin boys, Gannon and Wyatt, and the desire to instill the sense of spirit and adventure in all children. Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book?: The real life Gannon and Wyatt! 


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Patti Wheeler 

Patti Wheeler, producer of the web series Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Off the Beaten Path, began traveling at a young age and has nurtured the spirit of adventure in her family ever since. For years it has been her goal to create children’s books that instill the spirit of adventure in young people. The Youth Exploration Society and Travels with Gannon & Wyatt are the realization of her dream.

Keith Hemstreet is a writer, producer, and cofounder of the Youth Exploration Society. He attended Florida State University and completed his graduate studies at Appalachian State University. He lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his wife and three daughters.

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