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 Editor’s Note: In FAIRYLICIOUS Sometimes fairies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Book Description: Bex Carter means well, but somehow she always manages to get her friends into trouble. On her twelfth birthday she wishes for fairies for herself and her three best friends. Bex is elated when her wish is granted and she and her friends receive their very own fairies. Unfortunately, these are no ordinary fairies and every wish they grant ends in disaster. Bex already has enough problems. How will she and her friends survive these trouble-making fairies? Ages 9 and up. This is Book 1 of the Fairylicious series.

Author’s Inspiration:  I’ve always had a slight obsession with fairies. I’d often wonder,”What if they weren’t so perfect?”. I also wanted to create a character (Bex) that most kids could relate to.

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Tiffany Nicole Smith 

I’ve always had a love for writing and being an early childhood educator, I love writing for children. I enjoy writing stories with a little edge, not too scary, but not too sparkly either, with a dose of real world problems. Why should you pick up this book? Well, for one thing, Bex and her friends are hilarious and it’s a buck!


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