This Family Drama Novel is Full of Secrets

Editor’s Note:  A buried family truth propels Emily onto a tumultuous journey of self discovery in WHOEVER YOU ARE. 

Book Description:  Set amid breathtaking scenery, WHOEVER YOU ARE is a complex family drama comprised of buried truths and self discovery, giving rise to the lingering question: what defines you… and what happens when something you think defines you changes?

Author’s Inspiration:  Secrets intrigue me! Not necessarily the secrets themselves but their dynamics, the reasoning behind them, and the havoc they inevitably cause in peoples lives.

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Donna Marie Lanheady 

People often ask if my novels are autobiographical. My answer is an emphatic NO! I am way too private to write anything that’s true. That being said, I do abide by the rule to write what you know. I often tap into my own emotions to help me relate to what the character is feeling. For instance, I know how it feels to fall in love, to be terrified to tell my mother something, to be told my husband has passed away. Although my characters don’t feel the exact same way, at its core the emotion is similar enough to help me imagine their feelings and in that way, bring them to life. 


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