99c Kindle Romance with a Touch of Mythology

Editor’s Notes:  THE SIBYLLINE ORACLE is the first book of the bestselling Sibylline Trilogy. 

Book Description: Can love defy time?  When Valeria is rescued by Alex Morgan, and she thinks they have found their happily ever after. However, Alex knows that time is against them, and her life is in trouble again unless they discover the source of an ancient curse. This book has it all with the passion of Twilight, the mystery of The Da Vinci Code, with the Romance of Nicholas Sparks. 

 Author’s Inspiration: A few years ago Delia Colvin suffered from massive blood clots and did not know if she would survive. In a moment of doubt she realized many things about her life, including that she had never shared her lifetime passion- no one had read her stories. She vowed that if she did survive she would have the courage to share them. 

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Although this trilogy is a modern love story, based on Greek mythology, I had never had an interest in the subject. Then one day, in a flash, the story line and main characters came to me. I became obsessed with it and often felt that I was very nearly dictating the story. I was working very long days in my job and so I began writing on my iPhone during breaks, at stop lights (yes, I was the idiot you were honking at) and within three weeks I had completed the rough draft to a fairly complex novel—my first completed novel! In ten weeks, I had written a trilogy! Since then, I’ve been thrilled to see my novels become bestsellers!


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