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Editor’s Note: THE COLLECTION OF HENG SOUK  is a love story wrapped inside a war story and etched into a family history.

Book DescriptionInspired by love letters he finds between his mother and the father he never knew, Thomas Allen sets out to find out why his father never returned from the Vietnam War. In Vietnam he is lead to the notorious prison The Citadel, discovering a journal kept by POW Ephraim Luther that details his ill treatment by the prison commandant Heng Souk and which reveals his father’s fate.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Robert Downey Jr 

Author’s Inspiration: My own father died when I was young so I didn’t know him well, but one of the few events my mother told me was of the time when he was shot at taking a gunboat up the river during the Korean War. She didn’t know much more than that, but this story grew directly from that.

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S.R. Wilsher 

I’ve written all my adult life, so for thirty years now, and started simply because I had ideas that I needed to pursue and setting them down on a page became a logical step. Writing a novel is like a crossword puzzle that I have to finish and, when I do, I have to start the next. I have two books available now, with another out at the end of the year, and another next year. I don’t want to be contained by genre and I want every story I write to be different from the last; different in tone, different in style and hopefully always unpredictable.

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