99c Contemporary Romance for Your Kindle

Editor’s Note: THE REUNION is just one story from a sweet, emotional, and funny contemporary romance series.

Book Description:  It all begins at the 15 Year Reunion of four best friends from Nursing School. They are all newly divorced and unsure of what to do to make things happen with their love life. Claire Miller is one of the four girls who will eventually find true love…usually where she least expects it.

In CLAIRE’S REBUILDING CONTRACT an unexpected handsome rescuer who helps with the repair of Claire’s home after it is at the center of a tornado touchdown, turns out to be so much more than a friend. The relationship could be much hotter and much sweeter, too!

Jack Stone has a past of his own; it has haunted him for years. When he crosses paths with Claire, will this secret come out?

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 9/14.  

Angelina Rose

Angelina has been held spellbound with romantic tales since she first pretended to be Cinderella and fell in love with Prince Charming. As a teenager her love of romantic tales grew as she read countless numbers of romance novels. These days she really loves nothing more than throwing a troubled heroine into the arms of a sexy hero and then watch their passion flare. As a Registered Nurse specializing in Pediatric care, Angelina’s life is filled with adventures. During the day, she spends her time with the children on the ward, listening to all their stories. But at night, she’s happy to be encouraged back into an imaginary world of excitement and love, even a little danger.


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