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Editor’s Note:  SONG OF THE CICADA is the first book in the Demon’s Waltz Series.  

Book Description:  A young photographer, Joss, finds his normal easy going life turned upside down when an ancient Greek demon begins to stalk him. In fear for his life and sanity he turns to his Wiccan neighbor Angel for help hoping she has the knowledge to save him. The stalking turns to all out attacks after they get together. Pets are slaughtered, homes burned, friends lost, they finally flee the city and run to the Appalachian mountains. Here on a moonlit mountain top they confront the demon with a tragic finality.

Author’s Inspiration:  The act of writing is a form of pure escapism for me, no drugs or chemicals, but an altered reality as words flow out.

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Artist, trained in photography and sculpture, who has always enjoyed writing as a part-time hobby. I believe I have reached a level of maturity where the writing can become full time. I have seen the growth in my style over the years and from the reviews apparently others agree that the time is now. I write for passion and fun with every story being a new world to explore.

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