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Editor’s Note: LOVE IS PATIENT is an edge of your seat suspense and a heart wrenching love story.

Book Description: How would it feel to be in New York City on that fateful day, September 11, 2001? Relive Fran and Ken’s horrific experience in NYC and feel the helplessness of their relatives back home in Mars, Pennsylvania when all contact with Fran and Ken is lost. LOVE IS PATIENT is full of suspense and love of family. While Fran and Ken are in NYC, their surrogate mother goes into labor with their twins. Will the young couple make it back home to raise their twins? Read this gripping tale of hope and love and never giving up.

Author’s Inspiration: My love of reading turned into a desire to write my own fictional story. I tried to incorporate all of the good qualities I loved in the many books I’ve read.

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 D. P. Memory

D.P. Memory lives in Mar, PA with her husband Jerry. She adores her family above all else and she created characters with the same love of life and family. She has a passion for books that inspired her to write her own novel with the qualities she enjoys in a good book. Love Is Patient will make you laugh and cry, you will love the characters and of course there are a few villians that you will love to hate. 

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