Literary Humor and Romance Mix in this Discount eBook

Editor’s Note: If you enjoy family dramas with a hint of humor and romance, then THE HOUSE ON PERSIMMON ROAD is perfect for you!

Book Description: Lottie Roberts is a restless ghost left over from he Civil War. When A family moves into her plantation house she takes an interest in the woman, Justine, who she feels is a kindred spirit. Justine is burdened with a senseless mother and a sharp tongued mother in law while the father of her two children is no where to be seen. When Tucker Highsmith shows up he seems to be the answer to her prayers but Justine has her doubts…

Grab the Kindle Book for $2.99 on 12/1. 

Jackie Weger

I’ve been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. It always excites me to sit at my keyboard and meet the characters in my books for the first time. I enjoy writing about ordinary people coping with difficulties. I find the ordinary person–man,woman or child is honest, often owns a quiet dignity and hopes to do the right thing as he or she struggles to make the best choices. I relate to that and I hope my readers do.

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