Magical Young Adult Fantasy for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT is full of imagination and great characters, including Sammy who leaves the normal world and steps into a realm full of magic and mystery.

Book Description:  All good stories have a hero. “The One” who arrives to save the realm from darkness and evil. But what if the wrong person takes their place by accident? Uses the magic portal destined for “The One” and locks them out of the realm in the process? That’s a touchy subject for Sammy Ellis who’s woken to find herself in a forest of giant, glowing mushrooms. Eden at the Edge of Midnight is the first book in a young-adult dystopian fantasy series (The Vara Volumes.)

Author’s Inspiration: The extended universes of Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics. I love back-stories, sub plots, histories and character origins. Stuff I can geek out on. This book is full of that stuff and the sort of story I’d always wanted to read as a teen.

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Distracted, vacant, geeky I spend my life inside fantasies of my own design that only exist in my head. Sometimes I manage to commit them to paper or e-paper (depending on your preference), and so far I have achieved that once. I’m working on the sequel.

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