Change your Habits and Your Life with this 99c Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: With HABIT TRAPS: STUCK IN A RUT? get out of negative habits now!

Book Description: With the help of this book you can figure out what your present behavior patterns are, and then get rid of the ones which reduce your quality of life. Habits are embedded in our thoughts, relationships, facial expression, and body shape. With humor, this book will show you the first steps to get out of those ruts. 

Author’s Inspiration: The idea that everybody has at any time the ability to change their life according to their wishes and ideas. And to help people with the process.

Get this Kindle book for only 99c 2/15- 2/18



The author is a behavior and communication coach and considers himself an “oral craftsman” (as opposed to a handicraftsman), a “habit-breaker” (checking the target-oriented effectiveness of habits), a “brain-pacemaker” (he gives others the impulses which encourage them to think, decide and act) and a “change-catalyst” (he accompanies and accelerates change processes).

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