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Editor’s Note: SCATTERED LINKS is a fast-paced, untold story about a problem that affects so many children in our foster care and adoption systems.

Book Description: Scattered Links is a novel about a Russian teen girl who’s abandoned in an orphanage before she has a chance to say goodbye to her mama, or tell her a secret that haunts her. It’s the story of poverty, loss, and the inability to reciprocate love.

Author’s Inspiration: After Michelle’s trip to Russia in 1997 to adopt a Russian orphan, she was compelled to learn more about RAD, reactive attachment disorder, a devastating problem in some post-institutionalized children. After studying this disorder and realizing parents were re-homing their children because of this problem, Michelle wrote Oksana’s story to bring awareness to this sad, but real, issue.

Get this Kindle book for 99c 2/19- 2/26


Michelle is an Amazon best-selling author of Cache a Predator. She blogs at Random Writing Rants where she teaches and encourages writers. Scattered Links was the 2013 winner of the Aspiring Writers Contest sponsored by The Reading Room.


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  1. Thanks for featuring my novel here!

  2. Thanks for featuring my novel here!

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