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Editor’s Note: DIVIDED AGAINST YOURSELVES has action, adventure, romance, and dragons–what’s not to like?

Book Description: You would think having all the memories and all the skills of every one of your previous lives would be a great blessing, but for Taliesin Weaver, a reincarnation of Taliesin, King Arthur’s bard, his situation is more like a great curse. Because of who Tal is, his girlfriend is in a coma, one of his best friends is on the verge of mental collapse, and Tal’s mother is becoming psychic–and that’s just the beginning of his problems. Between dealing with an abandoned half-djinn boy, a vengeful sorceress, and an oddly solid ghost, Tal doesn’t have a moment’s peace. Then he discovers that he has been betrayed by someone who is almost a brother to him, and for the first time Tal finds the struggle with his own dark side to be more dangerous than any threat he has ever faced.

Author’s Inspiration:  I have always loved fantasy, and I teach high school, so my writing young adult fantasy was more or less inevitable.

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I have wanted to write as long as I can remember. I was churning out short stories in high school, and I actually finished my first novel 30 years ago, but then the writing impulses became dormant for a while. Only recently have I found a reasonable way to reconcile the demands of teaching with my desire to create. There was a time when I saw the two as being in irreconcilable conflict. Now I realize that all those years of teaching have made me a better writer, and the writing is making me a better teacher.

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