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Editor’s Note: INSIDE/OUTSIDE is a highly engaging and ultimately inspirational memoir that evokes strong emotion.

Book Description: This is a memoir describing a journey of recovery from child sexual abuse experienced within a fundamentalist religion at the hands of a pastor as well as by a stranger. The author documents her journey of learning to feel emotions in the real world as opposed to only having experienced them in a fantasy world. The experience of being shunned by all she had ever known when she left the religion she was abused in, and her journey searching for a spiritual connection and answers to life’s questions, big and small, is documented.

Author’s Inspiration: Initially it was for my children to help them understand once they were adults what had happened. Then it became much more than that. I wanted to provide support and comfort to those who had experienced similar situations. 

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Jenny lives in Australia, with her grown up family and husband, who is also a writer, and finds joy in her large permaculture garden and mix of animals. She can often be found on a couch, sipping wine, and unable to move under 2 large dogs and 2 cats who cannot be disturbed from their slumber. She is well equipped combining her professional experience (currently working with people in crisis) and personal experience of recovery from sexual abuse to support people who have experienced similar issues.

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