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Editor’s Note: In THE PHOENIX RISING- DESTINY CALLS, Kay’s college experience includes lions, falling in love and fighting for her life!

Book Description:   When a NYU student wins a coveted trip to South Africa, she quickly finds out that everything she’s ever dreamed about is HIDDEN deep in a secret jungle Kay once assumed was paradise. But there, the lions are real, the fights for her life are real. And, despite her hopes for a long, fruitful love life, the promise of death to herself and the handsome Callum is real. But if Kay can narrowly escape an explosion, and survive the hand-to-hand combat she’ll need to learn to survive, this girl will still be exactly ONE battle away from not only never returning home (and letting everyone she loves down), but also to prematurely finding out what happens…when you die.

Author’s Inspiration: My focus was to challenge young adult readers to see the world beyond themselves. That’s why I knew I would eventually take readers from America all the way to South Africa to discover the importance of friends, family, hope and love. Before I began writing this novel I knew I wanted to stretch readers beyond their comfort zones. So if the audience realizes his or her very unique potential not just on this trip, but in life, then I will be satisfied 🙂

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As an author, playwright and self-declared part-time cat, Phenice Arielle has navigated numerous areas of entertainment, and in 2010 became an award-nominated singer-songwriter. With an increased social and global awareness the Penn State student embarked on the creative writing path to help share the message of love, strength and unity with the world. Phenice Arielle continues to enjoy every avenue of self-expression with the release of the first book in The Phoenix Rising series, and supplements her writing career by working in production at MTV Networks. 

Author’s Website: www.ThePhoenixRisingBook.com

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