Mysterious Paranormal Romance for YA Readers

Editor’s Note:  In PSYCHOMANTEUM, there’s a high schooler with a house of their own, a mysterious stranger and the supernatural… what’s not to love?

Book Description: A psychomanteum is a mirrored room used to communicate with the dead. Eerily, Niki finds one in the old house she buys with her inheritance after her aunt kicks her out, just weeks before her high school graduation.

It was less than a year ago that Niki woke up in a hospital with no clue how she got there. She overheard her nurses say that she was in a car accident and that it sounded like she said the name Keith, but she doesn’t know anyone by that name… does she? She now finds herself on her own, still mending from a bad break up, and haunted by dreams of a demon and a guy she’s never met. Though frightened of the house, she stays when she begins to find answers surrounding her past, her accident, and Keith.

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Laurel Veil loves spending time with her family. They especially enjoy sitting around a fire telling spooky stories. She likes to read and loves to write, when she gets the chance.

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