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Editor’s Note: In MYSTICAL HIGH bizarre things start to happen to two teen girls while they are dealing with everyday issues and serious family problems. 

Book Description: MYSTICAL HIGH centers around the lives of two teen girls, Jessie and Jinxsy, in a dying California desert town call Mystekal. Strange things begin to happen, both in school and at home. As the girls’ respective family problems intensify, the bizarre happenings get more intense. A string of shocking events expose explosive secrets and decades-long mysteries are finally revealed. This is Book 1 in the Desert Series. 

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to write a book that bordered on the edge of “could this really happen?” If these events happened in my life, how would I react? As an author, I love showing how long-held secrets and mysteries affect more people than one might ever imagine, and in the most startling of ways.

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Lisette Brodey lives in Los Angeles and has a background in the entertainment industry. She has also written Squalor, New Mexico (YA/general fiction), Crooked Moon (general fiction/women’s fiction), and Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! (romantic comedy).

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