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Letters from Skye on Kindle

Letters from Skye ($1.99) by Jessica Brockmole: A fan letter from scholar David Graham in far-away America to poet Elspeth Dunn on the Scottish Isle of Skye sparks a romance interrupted by WWI. Fast-forward to WWII and Margaret, Elspeth’s daughter, has fallen in love with a pilot in the Royal Air Force but can’t understand why her mother warns against wartime romance. When Elspeth disappears after an air raid, Margaret discovers the letters she and David exchanged—one which might hold a clue to her whereabouts.

This deal is good on February 25, 2018

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Gull Soup on Kindle

Gull Soup ($0.99) by Lynne Carol Austin: Mandy takes up residence in a cabin on Lake Michigan to sort out an unfulfilled life. She desires to make changes, and hopes to write while she stays for the month of October. While there, she finds twelve dead gulls floating on the water in front of her cabin. She makes it her mission to find the cause of their death and is suddenly aware of how often the number twelve comes through in our lives; twelve jurors, twelve knights of the Round Table, twelve disciples.

This deal is good on February 25, 2018


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