Earthquakes and Corruption: Discounted Literary eBooks

Aftershock on Kindle

Aftershock ($3.99) by Tom Bentley: Wisecracking, ineptly lustful Hayden is the disgruntled proofreading coordinator at a large San Francisco leasing company. His big secret is that he’s writing a novel that he hopes will change his fortunes. Megan, his overachiever boss has a secret too: she’s a closet alcoholic. Jacob, the homeless vet who begs outside their office, wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care about any office intrigues. That is, until the 1989 earthquake throws all their fates together—in life-altering ways.

This deal is good on March 12, 2018

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The Guns of the Broke Knife Mine ($0.99) by Tracy T. Thurman: Pete Cooper left the gold camp in the Sierras of Northern California, intent on making his way back to Kansas. To the daughter he left behind. After crossing the desert, he comes across a woman and her grandson, survivors of a brutal stage robbery. He finds himself in a small mining town in Arizona territory, wearing the badge of a Deputy U.S. Marshal, being the arm of the law in the town, tracking down outlaws and uncovering a sinister plot based on deception and corruption.

This deal is good on March 12, 2018


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