Evil Technology and Sinister Legends: Discounted Horror eBooks

Witching Hour (Witching Hour Anthologies) on Kindle

Sinister Legends (Witching Hour Anthologies) ($1.99) by Trinity Hanrahan, et al: “Witching Hour: Sinister Legends” is the latest Witching Hour release. The theme? Lesser known urban legends. Forget Bloody Mary, Hookman and Slenderman. We’re bringing you tales leaving you cold and dreading shadows. These stories you didn’t even know were out there, but everyone says are true. Welcome to the Witching Hour…

This deal is good on January 3, 2019

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Scream Saver on Kindle

Scream Saver ($0.99) by Tony Garrod: When the mesmerizing eyes of an evil dimensionless entity start to appear on computer screens, users are drawn into its evil, torturous world. With more and more people suffering the pain of the entities ‘utopia’, top hackers, Tecx, Rebot and Ubit race to uncover the source as chaos unfolds.

This deal is good on January 3, 2019


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