Sunset Over the Rockies and Oliver Cromwell: The Chosen One: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Sunset Over the Rockies on Kindle

Sunset Over the Rockies ($0.99) by Tom E. Hicklin: After a highway robbery leaves Bill Barton partially crippled, and his partner dead, he struggles to put his life back together in the growing town of Denver city. But a killer destroys his chance at happiness, and he will stop at nothing to bring that man to justice.

This deal is good on March 11, 2022

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Oliver Cromwell: The Chosen One on Kindle

Oliver Cromwell: The Chosen One ($1.50) by Maksim and Aleksandr Andreevs: A new adventure novel by Moscow historians Maksim and Aleksandr Andreev is a tale of the glorious feats of Oliver Cromwell, a simple countryside gentleman who became The Greatest Englishman of all times by his 40th birthday. Having neither studied warfare nor previously witnessed a battlefield, Cromwell became an amazing general and forever changed England and the world.

This deal is good on March 11, 2022


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