Social Breakthroughs and Shadowy Activities: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

Always the New Girl on Kindle

Always the New Girl ($2.99) by Kelly Vincent: After Sarah Redmond gets humiliated at a party, she finds a creative way to use her expertise in knitting to exact sweet revenge. This leads to a lucrative business, and everything seems on track. But when her deadbeat dad comes to town, Sarah starts to wonder if her rather indifferent approach to planning out her life is the right one.

This deal is good on June 18, 2022

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Sovereign Assassin on Kindle

Sovereign Assassin ($2.99) by Robert New: A darkly satirical urban fantasy about a queen who, after being caught executing the head of a crime family, is given her own reality show showcasing her preparation for her next kill. But is the world ready to accept a sovereign assassin?

This deal is good on June 18, 2022

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The Amber Crane on Kindle

The Amber Crane ($1.99) by Malve von Hassell: In this story steeped in the lore and legends of amber from the shores of the Baltic Sea, Peter, an apprentice, comes upon a forbidden piece of precious amber that has the power to transport him into a time three hundred years in the future, from the devastation of the Thirty Years’ War into the relentless chaos of the last years of World War II.

This deal is good on June 18, 2022

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Magical Lights (Book 1) on Kindle

Magical Lights (Book 1) ($0.99) by Karen A. Moon: Magical Lights is a book about magic, love, friendship, and a young woman about to embark on a great adventure. Secrets must be revealed. But who can she trust? Join Elena on her journey and let yourself be drawn into the depths of an unknown world.

This deal is good on June 18, 2022


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