Quintus Hopper of Nevada and The Aleutian Voyage Hang On!: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Quintus Hopper of Nevada on Kindle

Quintus Hopper of Nevada ($1.99) by Daniel Martin Eckhart: The life of Quintus Hopper is as epic as it is peculiar and mystical, and he spends it – often curiously guided by an old medicine woman – in search of meaning and purpose. Walk with Quintus. Discover the true history of Nevada along the way, ask your questions, and maybe, just like Quintus, you’ll find your life’s answers.

This deal is good on February 6, 2023


The Aleutian Voyage Hang On! on Kindle

The Aleutian Voyage Hang On! ($4.99) by Lou Marich: In 1866, America began to recover from a bloody Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. To increase his popularity, President Andrew Johnson attempts to purchase the vast territory of Alaska from the Russian Emperor. An expedition is assembled to survey and explore this region. Jack Calsin becomes an unsuspecting pawn in a life and death struggle to complete his mission!

This deal is good on February 6, 2023

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