Orphans of War and Mary Brewster’s Love Life: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Orphans of War on Kindle

Orphans of War ($0.99) by Michael Reit: In Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, Christiaan joins the Resistance to fight for his country’s freedom, while his ruthless brother Floris works for the Bureau of Jewish Affairs. Floris’ wife, Nora, defies him by secretly joining the Resistance to save orphans from the transport train. As ambition, fear, and desperation collide, no one is safe.

This deal is good on March 22, 2023


Mary Brewster's Love Life: Matriarch of the Mayflower on Kindle

Mary Brewster’s Love Life: Matriarch of the Mayflower ($2.99) by Kathryn Brewster Haueisen: Mary Brewster was the Matriarch of the Mayflower. Her commitment to her family and husband took her away from her tranquil English home to a dangerous New World, enduring the hardships of Plimoth Plantation. Her compassion, service and loyalty extended to family, friends, orphaned children, young adults, and total strangers. This is her story…

This deal is good on March 22, 2023

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