Gospel, Alone, and Tears: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

The Gospel of Satan on Kindle

The Gospel of Satan ($0.99) by Nicholas Fillmore: The Gospel of Satan is a retelling of the Gospels by Satan. In a series of near-misadventures unfolding across the ancient Levant, the Devil, Jesus and his thirteen disciples meet with lions, lepers, prophets, prostitutes and God himself as they struggle to free themselves from the strictures of duty and fate.

This deal is good on March 31, 2023


Persephone's Tears on Kindle

Persephone’s Tears ($2.99) by Karen Nilsen: When a warlock steals an egg from a phoenix nest and brings it to the afterlife, he hopes to bargain his way out of Hell. However, the thief’s wicked scheme doesn’t work out quite as he plans, and the egg winds up in the possession of Hades, the ruler of the dead. Desperate to hatch the egg, Hades and his loyal servant Dante seeks Zeus’s advice. Chaos ensues…

This deal is good on March 31, 2023

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