Mediary and Every Mile a Memory: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Mediary on Kindle

Mediary ($0.99) by E.W. Johnson M.D.: What do a dying child, an unemployed research scientist, a priest, a self-centered tech billionaire, a computer hacker, a regional FBI supervisor, and Robert Frost have in common? More than you might ever believe.

This deal is good on April 11, 2023


Every Mile a Memory on Kindle

Every Mile a Memory ($0.99) by Grea Warner: The road map of Maya Shriver’s life had never been smooth. She experienced a double dose of grief at an early age, & now again in her mid-30s. But perhaps the widow’s biggest detour comes after an unexpected encounter with a country music star’s righthand man. Maya suddenly finds herself on a new career path and the possibility of finding love again.

This deal is good on April 11, 2023

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