Liberty One and Newfound Freedom: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Liberty One on Kindle

Liberty One ($0.99) by Bobby Mehdwan: Nukes threaten the world. International conflict propels into space. With one chance to cripple a deadly secret, will a lone astronaut survive? Liberty One is an epic 1960s Space Race thriller. If you like heart-stopping action, dashes of romance, and edge-of-your-seat battles above the atmosphere, grab this page-turning return to the Red Scare.

This deal is good on June 15, 2023

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Newfound Freedom on Kindle

Newfound Freedom ($0.99) by Richard Modlin: Young Englishman, Jack Hollister, gets shipwrecked on the coast of Maine and caught up in the beginning of the American Revolution. He joins American Patriots and becomes involved in the first naval battle of the revolution and the capture of the HMS Margaretta. Newfound Freedom is the first novel in the Jack Hollister series.

This deal is good on June 15, 2023


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