Count of Thrace and BACK OFF I’M A DALTON: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Count of Thrace (Alpine Warrior Book 4) on Kindle

Count of Thrace (Alpine Warrior Book 4) ($4.80) by Peter Darman: ‘Count of Thrace’ is the continuing story of the Swiss mercenary Leon Muller, who now finds himself trapped in the city of Constantinople in 1453, when 100,000 Ottoman soldiers laid siege to the city. Will Leon and his friends survive a battle that will decide the fate of an ancient civilisation and determine the course of European history?

This deal is good on July 25, 2023

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BACK OFF I’M A DALTON ($2.99) by Carl Franklin ‘Dalton’ Holliday: The Dalton Gang was notorious. But what about their descendants? This is the story of a young Frank Dalton growing up in the bygone era of the post-sharecropper south. Learning that Dalton blood flowed in his veins, he must find the strength to endure the personal hardships with no father and an abusive mother and transcend and redeem his life.

This deal is good on July 25, 2023


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