Wandering Minds, Wounded Poems, and Change: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

A Chance to Change on Kindle

A Chance to Change ($1.99) by Derek Weichel: Sam and Nicole seemed to have everything they ever wanted from life. Despite their outward appearance of happiness and contentment, Nicole felt like something was missing. Sam is sure that she is overreacting to what he sees as a natural progression of life. It will take their son to be in a frightening accident for them to seek the help they need.

This deal is good on August 8, 2023

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Wounded Poems on Kindle

Wounded Poems ($4.99) by Elliotté P. Joel: “Watch me be born, watch me bloom and then die, watch me resurrect.” – Joel of Wounded Poems. “Brilliant experimental debut of an extremely young poet.”, “In-medias-res poetry collection depicting struggles with grief in a time-lapsing observation captured from the age of 15 to 19.”, “Raw and unapologetic, dignified, paradoxically natural.”

This deal is good on August 8, 2023

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L.A. Dreams on Kindle

L.A. Dreams ($4.99) by A.M. Morrell: When infamous music legend Alexandra Blake agrees to produce their debut album, all Cory has to do is keep the band together and keep her interested in them long enough to finish the album. Simple enough. Until he meets Alexandra. With one glance at her everything else becomes secondary.

This deal is good on August 8, 2023


Wandering Minds Slow Down on Kindle

Wandering Minds Slow Down ($2.99) by A.R.J. Ventura: After an all-nighter, a mysterious girl falls from a maple tree before Joni, a hyper-focused engineering student concentrated on his early graduation. Belle, the energetic wanderer, introduces herself, beginning their routinely one-sided relationship of brain teasers and wandering dialogues.

This deal is good on August 8, 2023

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