The Soul Machines and In The Fields Of The Eagle: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

The Soul Machines on Kindle

The Soul Machines ($2.99) by Alexandru Czimbor: Three young men’s quiet lives are thrown into chaos when they discover a long-lost artifact that has a devastating effect on people’s minds. Murders, insanity, and suicide wreak havoc in the region, ultimately altering the mind of a boy who is bound to change the course of history. Set in Transylvania, during the fading years of the 19th century.

This deal is good on August 23, 2023

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In The Fields Of The Eagle on Kindle

In The Fields Of The Eagle ($3.99) by Chad Lehrmann: As the Nazi war machine and cultural upheaval ratchets up tension in 1930s Germany, Klaus Volk and his teenage friends have a choice to make. Is it better to be free and live in the shadow of danger than to be trapped in the certainty of it? How will they choose to stand against an evil that may take their very lives?

This deal is good on August 23, 2023


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