The Flying Mermaid and The Immortal Beloved: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

The Flying Mermaid on Kindle

The Flying Mermaid ($0.99) by Eule Grey: Welcome to Craw, a seaside city boasting a mythical serpent-guardian and a lasting enchantment. Narrator Luce returns to the cursed village. She is swept into the cold heart of a serpent, where she recalls an array of mermaid figurines, a wind wizard, and the terrifying Sea Mother. Is young love and hope enough to save her home and bring back the mermaids?

This deal is good on September 21, 2023

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The Immortal Beloved on Kindle

The Immortal Beloved ($0.99) by D.J. Birch: Elizabeth has always felt a silent protector watching over her. As she prepares for her senior year of high school, Elizabeth’s wildest dreams come true when her protector reveals himself as Remiel, her guardian angel. Drawn to the one person she considers her salvation, Elizabeth may realize too late that her defender may also be her damnation.

This deal is good on September 21, 2023


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