Flowering and Other Stories and Who: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Flowering and Other Stories on Kindle

Flowering and Other Stories ($0.99) by Tom Bentley: Flowering’s stories are built around the themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment and stumbling redemption. Complex characters include a shoplifting sociopathic genius, a card-dealing witch offering a mystical experience at the blackjack tables, and a harsh drunk who turns out to be a malignant soothsayer. Enter distinct story worlds!

This deal is good on October 3, 2023


Who on Kindle

Who ($2.99) by Nanette L. Avery: “Who,” by Nanette L. Avery, is a clever and entertaining work of literary satire that will have the sleuthing wheels turning in your head. This book pulls together the whodunit tropes you know and love—a murder mystery experience to top them all—but in parody form, which makes it all the more fun. See if you can figure out Who the characters are!

This deal is good on October 3, 2023

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