Soul of Jubie Walker and Tales of the Rose: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Soul of Jubie Walker on Kindle

Soul of Jubie Walker ($2.99) by D. Davidson: If a soul goes on forever, then, in theory, life never truly ends. Does history affect our present life? So many people question the existence of heaven and hell. Could there be another answer to “What happens to our soul after we die?” In the present day, a fifteen-year-old boy seems haunted by the spirit of a dead American soldier. Why?

This deal is good on October 11, 2023

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Tales of the Rose on Kindle

Tales of the Rose ($4.99) by Abby Gordon: Two secret societies vie for supremacy in Renaissance Europe. One dedicated to honor, protecting the weak and their monarchs. The other wants power and control. Three tales of loyalty and betrayal, vengeance and patience, love and hate and every shade gray between. Here is the destruction of Catalan, the struggle of the London Roses and Captain Godfrey’s steadfast honor to his Root’s Last Command.

This deal is good on October 11, 2023


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