Every Mother’s Fear and Butterfly Wish: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Every Mother's Fear (Every Parent's Fear Book 1) on Kindle

Every Mother’s Fear (Every Parent’s Fear Book 1) ($0.99) by Joanna Warrington: Based on real events in the 1950s, this first book in the series is a dramatic family saga inspired by the thalidomide scandal and follows the shocking birth of Toby. One night in a hotel leads to dramatic consequences for Jasper and Sandy.

This deal is good on October 20, 2023


Butterfly Wish on Kindle

Butterfly Wish ($2.99) by D. Davidson: Set in the aftermath of the Korean War, the novel follows two Air Force men’s adventures as they get dragged into a dark and disturbing world. It is heartbreaking and brutal at times. The story also highlights how love can find its way in the most unlikely places. As the two men succumb to decadence, one of them finds love unexpectedly.

This deal is good on October 20, 2023

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