Sanctum Sanctorum and Guarding What Remains: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Guarding What Remains on Kindle

Guarding What Remains ($0.99) by Ida Smith: In the shadow of the Great Depression, a tragedy turned adventure could have dire consequences for Eleanor and her family. Eleanor is persistent. So, when the unthinkable strikes and her family loses everything, she believes this new start to be an adventure. How can her determination overcome a mountain of obstacles? Especially with guilt?

This deal is good on November 16, 2023

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Sanctum Sanctorum on Kindle

Sanctum Sanctorum ($0.99) by Michael Burns: An American archaeologist discovers the Ark of the Covenant in the country of Jordan. But Israel believes the Ark, missing for more than 2,600 years after it was taken from Jerusalem, rightfully belongs to them and the situation quickly escalates, leading to a period of intense conflict in the Middle East.

This deal is good on November 16, 2023


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