Finding Joy and When I Was Seven: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

When I Was Seven on Kindle

When I Was Seven ($0.99) by Mary Ellen Bramwell: Lucas is thrilled when his grandmother comes to live with him. She’s his best friend after Justin down the street. But when she starts remembering things from her past, is he the only one who will listen? If no one else believes her, how can he fulfill her dying wish? A compelling story about the value of family as seen through the eyes of a boy.

This deal is good on November 20, 2023


Finding Joy on Kindle

Finding Joy ($2.99) by Laurie Woodward: Can a joy riding pot smoking LSD tripping chick be innocent? I thought so. Although it was always on my mind. It that Mom hid with Cover Girl and I lied about. Thinking love would save us all. Naïve I know. But I thought they just wanted to give me a ride. And by the time I realized it was too late. I was seventeen and I was about to die.

This deal is good on November 20, 2023

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