The Greater Empire and The White Empress: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

The Greater Empire on Kindle

The Greater Empire ($5.00) by Greg Gibbons: “The Greater Empire: Troubled Times” is an Alternate History Novel. The Story starts with, Adelbert, a German Soldier who witnesses the end of WW1 and sees his country trimputhly win the war. Now a returning veteran he eventually becomes a journalist and goes on a trip to see the truth of the full horror of what the war’s destruction has brought.

This deal is good on January 12, 2024


The White Empress on Kindle

The White Empress ($3.99) by J.D. Nichols: Step into the rich tapestry of Cambodia’s history with this new historical fiction novel The White Empress! Orphaned at birth and raised in a foreign land, Sam’s strength of will shines amidst the isolating shadows that life has cast upon her. In her quest to find “home,” Sam discovers a lineage that runs to the heart of an empire.

This deal is good on January 12, 2024

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