Who and Primal Instinct: Discounted Literary Fiction eBooks

Who on Kindle

Who ($2.99) by Nanette L. Avery: If you eat dessert for dinner, enjoy fractured fairytales, have a quirky sense of humor, and like parodies, “Who” is your kind of book. This literary novel will lead you off the main road of traditional mysteries and directly into the land of satire. Warning label: Read this strictly for enjoyment and uncover “Who” the characters really are.

This deal is good on January 17, 2024

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Primal Instinct on Kindle

Primal Instinct ($4.99) by Minerva Hart: Do you believe in mermaids? Freddie Molloy doesn’t. How could he, living as he does in a world wrecked by pollution and ruled by mega-corporations? He shuffles through the days, angry and powerless, while the rich work him and everyone else like mules. But everything will change when he first hears the siren’s hypnotic song.

This deal is good on January 17, 2024

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