Shot Through Time and Love Laugh and Row: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

Shot Through Time on Kindle

Shot Through Time ($2.99) by Richard Modlin: Sergeant Noland Black is shot, falls unconscious, and awakes on the same date and in the same place, but exactly 200 years into the future-think of the Outlander series, but to the future. Found by reenactors, he is initially reassured by their uniforms, then thrown into anxiety when confronted with the modernism of 1975.

This deal is good on January 20, 2024


Love Laugh and Row on Kindle

Love Laugh and Row ($0.99) by Trisa J. Louise: Though inspired by a true story, this is a work of fiction. Love Laugh and Row is a multigenerational story that chronicles the Kristoff family’s life in America during the 1930s Depression, WW II, the Hollywood Blacklist, and how communism and organized crime touched their lives. You’ll laugh and cry right along with the Kristoffs as you follow their life from 1929 to 1955.

This deal is good on January 20, 2024

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