Onions and High Clowder Cats: Discounted Young Adult eBooks

Onions: Hitting the High Notes on Kindle

Onions: Hitting the High Notes ($0.99) by Cy Young: Charles Wesley Onions has been bouncing from one foster family to another and has lost his faith in adults. After attempting to steal the wallet of a senior citizen, he is surprised to find she is willing to take him under her wing and offer him new hope through books, music, and friendship. A powerful and inspiring tale with a touching ending.

This deal is good on January 28, 2024

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High Clowder Cats on Kindle

High Clowder Cats ($2.99) by Ruby Knight: Bushytail is a young tom with a great destiny to fulfill to help all of catkind. He begrudgingly begins to learn the three rules from his mentor and along the way faces many challenges which only make him stronger. High Clowder Cats is the first book in the Clowder Cats series.

This deal is good on January 28, 2024


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