A Savage Kultur and The Battle for Guernsey: Discounted Historical Fiction eBooks

A Savage Kultur on Kindle

A Savage Kultur ($2.99) by Monique Roy: When an Oxford student inherits her grandfather’s art gallery, she unravels the harrowing struggle that befell her grandparents in Nazi Germany and must recover a looted Van Gogh painting, only to discover a dark history that haunts the present.

This deal is good on February 13, 2024

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The Battle for Guernsey on Kindle

The Battle for Guernsey ($0.99) by Tony Brassell: During the spring of 1944, the allies needed to create a Western front to support the Red Army push against Hitler in the East. The Channel Islands were occupied at this time and this book looks at what might have happened if it had been decided to retake the islands to support allied landings on the Cotentin rather than in Normandy.

This deal is good on February 13, 2024


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